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  • Condoms...

    Hello everyone, this is kinda an off-topic question that is unrelated to PE but I'm hoping I can still get an asnwer.

    Basically I seem to have a problem with condoms. Whenever I want to have sex with a girl everything is going good until I have to put one on, I find it just totally kills my erection and I find it very hard to regain one when I have it on.

    If anyone else has had any similar situation could you possibly share what you did to overcome it?

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    Apply an ok grip to the base of your cock and squeeze a little then apply the condom. You should be good to go. The condom may also be to small or your to much into a hurry.

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      i get the same thing so i started useing a cock ring everytime i use a condom it went away


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        I had issues till larger fit condoms became widely avaible, have you tried different types of condom?


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          This sort of problem can happen to anyone, it's natural. Putting on a condom interrupts the mood. You just need to find some sort of a stimulus that helps you maintain or regain your erection.
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