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New member here! Hope to become a long term member too!

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  • New member here! Hope to become a long term member too!

    Hi there! I introduced myself in the intro thread but I wanted to make a thread of my own just for some details and questions.

    Im young so my EQ is very good and I have no problems with sex in terms of stamina, or ejaculation or anything else. My only "issue" is size (mainly length) here are my measurements:

    EG: ~13.3-14.3 cm (5.25-5.6") slightly thicker towards the base.
    EL: 15 cm (5.9")
    FL: 10 cm (3.9")
    BPFSL: 16.4 cm (6.5")
    BPEL: ~16.2 cm (6.4") Sorry for the metric, Im Canadian :P its a habit.

    I have been doing the exercises for about a month now. I have seen minimal gains (millimeters at best). After reading the forum I discovered that I have been doing the stretches with far too much intensity and I am also still only just getting the hang of proper jelqing.

    My ultimate goal is 6-6.5" EG and 7.5" EL. So thats +1 to girth and +1.5 to length. Is this realistic? After reading some of the threads I have seen that my limit is my tunica rather than smooth muscle ( will this make gains more difficult?). I hope to get to 6 inches in girth and close to 7 inches in the length by the summer.

    My routine for now is this:

    -Stretching for 10-20 minutes (so to focus more on length and per the tunica-limit theory)
    -Warmup for ~5 minutes in a hot shower
    -Jelq for a couple minutes then Uli then Jelq..and so on for ~ 10 minutes
    -warm down

    I also try to do random stretches anytime I can (ie watching something on youtube)

    Also something I didnt state in my point in the introduction thread is that one of the main reasons (cant believe I forgot this!) that Im doing PE is that with some more length, a lot more sexual positions become either possible or more pleasureable for my girlfriend and I.

    A question I have had for a while is:
    -Do kegels relate to size or just overall sexual vitality? What about edging? Its not that im reluctant to do them, its that one of the things I have learned at the gym is that if you set too many goals, things get too complicated and you get thrown off track. So I want to stick with my size gains for now.

    Please make any suggestions that come to mind; its the reason Im here!

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    You have a good length and no, you're target is not unrealistic, just be prepared to be in it for the long run!

    Warm up BEFORE your stretches, other than that your routine should be okay.

    Kegels do not increase size, however they may increase size due to an improvement in EQ. They give you a much healthier penis and also allow you to have more PC control, giving you more control over ejaculation. They are a VERY good exercise to get going from the beginning, just be careful not to over-do them, a knackered PC muscle will only hinder you.

    Edging is very good for EQ and stamina, just go at it for any amount of time between 15 minutes to 1 hour! I take it you know how to edge (kingpole has a very good thread on it).

    Good luck with you gains! I hope you get that length!

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      Im in it for the long run, thats for sure!

      I have read both the forums and website about warmups and whether or not they are even needed. statistically speaking it seems they aren't, but from what I have learned about other parts of my body at the gym, they are. That being said, I have done my warmups after stretches because from what Ive come to understand, the tunica is similar to tendons and therefore does not contain any blood in itself. And since PE stretches really focus on the tunica, I havent seen the purpose of the warmup before the stretch. On that train of thought, stretching in the gym deals with muscle, which in turn has LOTS of blood in it and hence a light warmup before stretching is beneficial. With the jelqs and ulis, I applied the same reasoning and did the warmup before them.

      Or, perhaps im missing something. I have been debating on which to do. Although, since I have revised by stretches to lighter stretches, perhaps I should continue doing my warmup post-stretch as to take a more scientific approach and deal with one variable change at a time and see what the variable does/doesnt for the next month.


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        I think that a warm-up before any form of PE work-out is important.

        However, if you wish to do it your way keep us posted on your progress. It could have interesting results and hopefully you wont injure yourself!
        One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching - Look Alive
        Boost your sex drive Become a better lover


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          During my first five months of p.e., I always did a fifteen to twenty minute warm-up so long as I was in a position to. If I was stretching and not near hot water, that was another story. I still do my long warm-ups before a jelqing session--this is after six years of p.e.

          Edging has done wonders for immediate and long terms gains in length and girth. I would reserve it for later on. It sounds like you have enough exercises to keep you busy.
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            well keep up with your routine and this website has help me alot and made me more motivated to do it with other peoples storys
            ive been at it for about 2 months straight and i just bump up my routine time to 1hr 30min with mostly grith and some length
            Good luck and dont stop


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              Hey I just started PE last week. The exercises are a little unusual to get used to and I don't even think I'm doing it right but I'm looking into it.

              Erect length: 6.7 inches Girth: 4.5

              I would like a 8.5 inch penis with 6 inches of girth. Is this possible?