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how to take L-Argenine

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  • how to take L-Argenine

    Hey guys i bought a big bottle of 1000 milligram L-Argenine vitamins.
    I hear that taking them before bed is a great way...i am currently
    recovering from a shoulder surgery so i am not working out
    i bought these pills from gnc based soley on the purpose of my dick
    anybody have some input on how i should take these pills???
    I hear 3000 milligrams of argenine a day is good but just try and help me

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    In Jp's beginner guide he recommends 2 500mg pills, i think that is a good amount. Although if you have the cash people seem to suggest taking more? At night seems to be what everyone says as well. There is a good thread on it about here somewhere that I read.


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      The trouble with taking too much L Arginine is; It can cause the "runs"

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        I take L Aginine too. How much is the right amount and it says to take them with a meal. I have heard that before bed is a good time.....which is best?
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