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growing pains?

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  • growing pains?

    Hey guys just want to know if you guys experience or remember experiencing any type of pain or feeling when making gains?

    In my past experience i get a little stretching pain at the bottom of my base which kind of makes me feel like I am hard when I am not, and most of this time after this feeling

    I have gained. There has been other times where it was just a feeling and nothing more.

    Please share

    (quest 2)
    I have actually injured my self doing p.e and have taking the past month off, better blood flow has seemed to return and i am horny again (having spontaneous erections)

    When i first injured myself i had experienced that stretching of my base feeling but i was sort of turtled up which i think was due to a ligament injury because the base of my penis hurt for time after.

    Last night i may have went overboard jerking it cause i have not had a good feeling in my cock for a long time.

    Today i am experiencing the stretching feeling but i am hanging nicely with no sign of turteling.

    So you guys maybe think that i did go over board but not enough to injure myself and i should be fine?? I am a little nervous i do not want to go through another month of a fucked up dick

    Please share

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    The base area contains the largest volume of muscle and lig tissue and is also the anchor for the entire penis, so this is where you will experience the most "resistance" to your exersizes. If you notice your unit will expand and contract a great deal from about the first 1" or so at the base to the glans but hardly changes much at the very base. The only pain I've experienced at all while exersizing was in this area, however growth did come afterwards. I still gave it time off to recover. Pay close attention and do not exersize vigorously until you are confident that you are adequately healed.
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