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how long should I PE for

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  • how long should I PE for

    I been Peeing for a couple weeks now. Rather then do a number of reps how long should I stretch and jelq for when Peeing.I would just like to know a estimate of how many minutes of stretching and jelqing from a educated/experienced Pe.I kegel when stretching I usually do like 3 days on 2 off.

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    wow PEEing for 2 weeks? that is quite a long pee

    I would start very light, check out the 90 day beginner routine. Base it off of that, be very careful your penis may not be ready for too much pressure too soon
    6/15/07: BPEL = 5.5"; EG = 4.75" (not-serious pe)
    10/22/09: BPEL = 6.2"; EG = 5.1" (began serious pe)
    12/21/09: BPEL = 6.5" (+.3); EG = 5.4" (+.3)
    6/23/10: BPEL = 6.7" (+.2); EG = 5.5" (+.1)


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      You really should have a consistent routine, and one that is already proven takes the guess work out of it for you. I suggest I myself as well as many others have had great success with this one. I still use this routine today.
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        Do PE as long as it feels good, when it feels bad then you need to stop and call it a day.

        For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thine wounds, saith the Lord Jeremiah 30:17