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  • i DONT get sore

    so i have been pe-ing for 2 months. i feel like i am doing hard workouts. sometimes, after long jelq sessions, my glans gets sore. my ligaments, however, have NEVER felt sore. should i be tugging harder during my stretches? most everyone here talks about lig soreness as a sign of a hard, and perhaps effective, workout.
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    No, don't tug harder! You never want to be sore...EVER!! If your glans is still sore I urge you to stop immediately, and take a very long break (2-3 weeks).
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      Maybe it was well conditioned to being tugged on before hand! Haha, just kidding. I have noticed that I dont really get "sore" aside from the last time I attempted to use soap as lube (dont do it! feels like its slippery, but far too much unnoticed friction) which gave me minor skin irritation that some vitamin e lotion took care of over night. Im not positive as I am still relatively new to PE, but the way I know that I have had a good workout is my tool doesn't quite respond like it normally does the next day. I can usually think about something dirty and get hard, but when I have had a good workout it takes a little more to get it going. Or, normally when I flex my PC muscle, I can feel the flex extend all the way to the corona, but when I have had a good workout the next day when I flex my PC I mainly only feel it flex to just beyond the "magic spot" (I think thats what its called.. the indent just above the base of the penis) maybe an inch onto the shaft. I dont know if I am getting the feeling across clearly, but basically it feels like whenever you have a good workout with a normal muscle, it doesn't get sore instantly, it feels exhausted and like for example with your arms, its tiring just lifting them above your head after a good workout.
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        You're still conditioning. It's normal and good to feel nothing at this stage.

        Maybe when you move up to more advanced routines you'll begin getting a sensation, perhaps not soreness but more the awareness that you have had a decent PE session.

        It's perfectly normal how you feel at the moment!

        Oh, and if your glans are sore then a small piece of advance: NEVER go near the head! Stop your jelqs below the head of your penis and use a light grip! When you stretch make sure you grip below the glans too, and you should stretch until you feel a decent tug, but not a pain.

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          I don't think you should feel sore but I do think you should feel some feeling of having a good workout.

          I liken it to going for a run or lifting weights at the gym. After a PE workout I like to feel as if I've worked up to a good intensity and am left with a feeling of slight fatigue but nice engorgement.

          Finding the right intensity is really about finding the balance between pulling too hard and pulling too gently.

          My recommendation? If you are feeling absolutely nothing at all after a workout or the next morning, I wouldn't pull harder, I'd slightly increase the time you're pulling for. Please use common sense with this though!

          For example, my stretching didn't feel as if it was really testing me (as my body adapted), so I threw in one more stretching set and this subtle change was enough for me to start feeling slightly fatigued again.

          PE should never feel painful, but slight fatigue for me is a good sign that you're using the right intensity for my body.
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