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stretching advice needed please

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  • stretching advice needed please

    Guys i would like to know in detail about stretch's. ive read the instruction and saw the video of Mr. Al (Big Al) Alfaro provided us to see , but when i try to grasp a inch or so from the gland and then pull, it pulls my skin too . It hurts alot. so what i do is grasp just before the gland and stretch and i noticed i got so many red spots showing up. but its painless .its my first time doin stretches today and just wanted to know if i did it ok. i did jai stretch and Rotating Stretch . thank you for your time
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    Well a grip an inch or so behind the glans is reccomended. You can get closer, so long as you're not actually holding the glans.

    As for the spots, these are a neutral PI. This means that you must look at the effect they're having on the rest of your penis to eastablish if they're positive or negative.

    What positive or negative PI's have you seen? Seen an increase in length or wood? Then the spots are a sign of growth. This works the opposite way.

    Here is the post on PI's.

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      ive read the PI and the thing is ive got some positve PIs and some neutral PIs.thanks for the info
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