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Rigorous exercise immediately after PE

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  • Rigorous exercise immediately after PE

    Hello fellow PE'ers!

    Mr. Sneakypants has a quick question. Usually following PE, Mr. Sneakypants hits the actual gym for an hour of running and lifting weights. Does this hinder PE? The theory being that rigorous activity takes blood out of the penis to fuel other parts of the body. Does anyone else exercise after PE?

    Mr. Sneakypants thanks you in advance!
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    Interesting question..

    I'm not sure to be honest, would PE'ing after a workout not be an option for Mr. Sneakypants?

    You could at least follow PH's advise and lightly wrap ace bandage around your penis to prevent it from turtling during a work out, this should help slightly.
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      I imagine there may be some negligible amount of counter productivity to the PE, but I usually do the same thing. Though, Since my morning PE is usually just a 5 minute warm up and about 30 minutes of hanging weights, and the more rigorous PE later in the afternoon after the work out, I don't think I do much to hinder the recovery. But, if one were to be extremely careful, that would be a good idea to allow a few hours of time between.
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        I think it is better before...for me it works good before


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          I would say that it depends on the kind of workout and what shape you're in. You probably wouldn't want to do PE right after a 6 mile run, but you can wait long enough to rest and refuel- then you'd be ready to go
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