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    I have been jelqing already for a couple of months when I used to be in thunder forum but I stopped going on the cpu for a while and then my email account was removed by itself. I couldn't get back on it. And thunders place forum is closed of for regystration but this website looks better and cleaner and more stuff though.

    before the PE i was 7 inches x 5.25 girth
    t I only gained about .25 inches length and my girth is now ranging when taking multiple measurements from 5 and 6/16 girth to 5.5 girth. But I think It had to do with the way I sit or if Im standing because it seems like when I sit on buttocks that my girth is thicker. maybe its because the blood from my buttocks gets pushed up though. But its cool to see this one. I found this websites study on masterbation interesting because I masterbate and make hardly gains over these months I think I will cut down on that alot. I probabably would have made much better gains already. I was PE ing today also and my penis is kind of sore. I should take a break

    I also learned recently that the penis connective tissue collagen is a protein and that it breaks down and wears out on its own which everyday which requires repairing. And I think When you jelqing you break them down and they get repaired with more structure. There was something I heard called nag which I think the endothelial cells produce on there own for repairing and if there production of nag can't keep up with the demands for repairs it falls toward a more destructive side.

    if you guys get injuries though eating apples is good for that because it has a antioxidant in it, I forgot what its called but it prevents inflammation and helps to slow it and stop it. I buy me some when my penis feels sore and usually my penis recovers faster. I usually end up having to only sleep till the next day and it feels better then if not and needing to wait for two days. But becareful, don'tgo nuts. I was a dummy and did but was lucky. I fractured my penis in a flacid state internally after I finished jelqing and then when I was trying to put on my pants but they were alittle tight and when my flaccid penis bended it made a crack sound and It felt like blood was running loose in my penis. I was scared like hell and I couldn't get it to get an erection. Scared of loosing the use of my penis or getting peyronies but thanks to being healthy and eating apples I was ok the last few months and then later made those girth gains. But drink lots of vitamin C, especially orange juice because those are vital for collagen. If you become Vitamin C deficient then the connective tissue starts to break down more then it can repair. And thank goodness I always drank orange juice everyday even though I only drank it because I loved the taste of it. And I recommend buying amino acid supplements too. I am going to do that, I am going to buy the twenty standard amino acid supplements and then look for proline, lysine and glycine individually. The three last amino acids are the most abundant amino acid make up in collagens. Good luck to you guys anyway. Don't rush and make sure after feeling sore you get very good rest. I believe nutrition and rest are the core factors for gains because your penis needs rest for repairment which will add on to become growth over time also depending on intensity and reps, but it also needs the resources(nutrients) for it.

    my goals are primaryly for girth now but both of my short term goals are to be least 5.75 girth for the short term and 7.5 inches for length but my ultimate goal is to be 8-8.5 inches length x 6-6.25 inches girth
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    starting stats 7/26/07(prior to joining this website):
    Erect length- 7 inches
    Erect girth-5.25 inches
    Flacid sizes-?
    Current Stats:Erect length: 7.25 inches
    Erect girth: 5.375 inches to 5.5 girth
    Flaccid length- 5 inches
    Flaccid girth?
    Goal-8.5 inches length-6.25 girth

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    leech: Welcome to The PE Gym. Good to have you aboard! We could always use a few more experienced guys around here.

    How long ago did you stop PEing?
    "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein