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  • 1 more question gains?

    I seen someone had a post about temporary gains that go away.I been doing Pe for around a month and I woke up a couple mornings ago and saw a huge increase in girth.I did a Pe workout the previous night nothing special just my normal routine of strecthing and jelqing.When I saw this huge increase in girth it was mainly at the bottom right side like their was a lump in my penis at the bottom of it on the one side I thought I had a infection.I mastubated later that night and realized this was not any infection and was an increase in girth because my whole erect penis was thicker. These gains went away like 2 days later.Will they come back and is this a sign that PE works for me and that I willl see permanent gains.I would appreciate a anwser from a experienced PE or someone who had this experience before thankyou.

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    if it was a soft and "rubber" like skin around the shaft, it was just an slight edema, and means you were gripping it too tight. it's not a bad thing, just a sign that you need to grip it more loose.


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      No I told you it was bigger thicker around esspecially around the shaft.No skin just a thicker penis. When erect my whole penis was bigger thicker and it went away like a day or two later


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        It could have been temporary swelling from a rather intense workout session. Will it come back? Maybe. You may have just caught a glimpse of upcoming gains.

        And don't get angry at people for trying to help. Stay happy brother!
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