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  • so confused

    This is all so confusing I been doing Pe for a month now.Everyone says to do a different routine.Some say warm down some say cool down.and everyone says to do something different who should i listen to.When I stretch I pull hard that's how I seen a guy do it in a video he pulled hard.You all say different things what should i do and who should I listen to to see gains.I been warming down

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    Experiment with warming down and cooling down. Do whatever gives you a better flaccid penis. You'll have to experiment.

    I'm not sure what people have been telling you, but you should be doing a newbie routine and that's it. The site's routine or JP's routine. Nothing more for 1-4 months!

    If you're going to pull hard, then so be it. But be safe and intelligent about it. I personally recommend pulling lightly but that's because that's what I have had success with. PE is a very personal thing. What works for you might not work someone else, and vice versa.
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      ok thanks for the advice


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        Just because some guy pulls hard when he stretches,does not mean it is correct.He probably has been doing it a long time.
        I would use common sense when stretching at first. Too many beginners start doing things to intense,instead of taking a gradual
        build up approach and end up hurt.
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