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  • hanging?

    who uses hanging do increase the length?

    if so...has anyone tried a padlock and strapping it to your penis with a rubber band

    It should NOT be tight, but it should be snug enough to hold without slipping.

    The lock should rest just behind the head of your penis.

    This device should be worn with fairly loose clothing. Just the regular bounce from walking around combined with the weight of the lock will do wonders for your size!

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    Yeah there's a really good description on how to create a home-made hanger in this thread from Saiyan22 too.

    It's a few posts in, he provides pictures as well as instructions. It's very good.
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      ok to hang even if your just starting out?
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        Medici if you are a beginer you are geting ahead of yourself.
        Do the 90 day course then ask these questions after that.


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          hey can anyone send me a message explaing how to make a padlock?
          pleeease. thank you.


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            A lock you can buy, to lock up your bike or whatever. Cheap to buy and easy to find.


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              Pegasus: After buying the lock, how to you make the padlock for the penis?
              & how many months until i can use it?


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                There is a link in post 2 this thread.
                I recomend you complete the newbie routine, before doing hanging, pumping or any advanced exercises.
                This is to minimise injury risk.