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    Ive read that in order to gain; one has to have a positive mind and believe you are growing. Well ever since i started jelqing i have had many dreams where my penis(erect) is huge and i am showing it off to females, having great sex, and walking around without pants in public and showing off my well-hung flaccid. Before, i use to have many dreams that would portray just the opposite. I would have dreams where i had the chance to have sex but always would avoid, would be scared to go swimming because my bulge looked so small, and just plain be ashamed of my unit(like in real life). I have only gained .25 of an inch but im very optimistic.

    In having these type of dreams, is my mind helping my penis grow? i hope my psychological optimism is a major factor in the growth, because if it is im in for real treat.

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    Yes, the mind if very powerful my friend. The same way it can help you achieve a lot of goals, it can drag you down, and literally end your life. Positive and "over" optimistic thinking is needed in my POV. Being on the psychology course, I've learned a lot of things that can change a person's life, without much effort, and it usually starts from the inside. some call it attitude, but it's the mere reason why we do things. and "over" optimistic is ALWAYS in the other's view, don't let people down.


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      The mind is very, very powerful. Check out this brilliant thread from PESG.

      He knows better than anyone the power of the mind as well as the implications of both a positive and negative outlook.
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        If your going to dream,dream BIG.But have a plan to get there.
        Imagination expands the mind