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Does PE make you more sensitive?

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  • Does PE make you more sensitive?

    Hey all, is it possible that penis enlargement exercises make you more sensitive? I say that because I used to be able to have sex for at LEAST an hour, consistently. Every time we fucked it went for at least an hour, a few times even about two hours, but over the past few months I've noticed my stamina DRASTICALLY decreasing. I don't know if it started happening before, or after I started doing PE though. I don't know what to do, I've been doing kegel exercises for a while, and I just started to incorporate edging into my routine, but I really want to get back up to being able to go for an hour.
    Any advice besides just practice?
    Current: NBPEL: 5.5"
    EG: 5"
    Goal: NBPEL: 7.25"
    EG: 5.5"

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    There's a chance that you're over-training.

    Ever been to the gym and worked out a muscle group only to find that for the next few days you can barely do anything involving said muscles? 50% of your penis (on average) is smooth muscle, make sure you don't push it too far.
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      My theory is that kegals strengthen the pc/bc muscles but do not train you how to use them.
      Some members use their new strength in an incorrect manner, which lowers stamina.
      I suspect this involves early kegal contractions.
      I can and do use early kegal contractions to get to orgasm quickly ,however as I can dry orgasm this is not a problem.
      Suggest the answer lies in edging and learning proper timing and strength of kegals.


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        im still having trouble with the dry orgasm.. i get to the ponr and i can kegel off the ejaculation but at that point i dont get the "orgasm" feeling.. so after having switched to lower on my shaft i move back up again.. sometimes i still feel close and keep with this ponr kegel thing until i dont feel like im going to cum anymore and i can keep going like nothing happened.. finally in the end of edging it will be that i just keep going at the ponr and i get the initial feeling, then i'll get a feeling further up my shaft and the kegel seems to tighten higher up.. i hold this kegel and can see my penis swell and it just stays like that for several seconds until i can feel the muscle "burning" from holding the kegel, and eventually i cum.. tonight i tried my damnest to hold the kegel til the feeling went away and while i could still feel i was holding back ejaculation and the kegel was still good, it kind of started leaking so i was like damn and released my kegel and then a second or two later i started cumming alot..

        am i just running into the issue that my muscles arent quite strong enough yet? or am i falling under the not knowing how to use the kegel in the correct manner?
        my log:

        BPEL- 6 3/4in
        EG- 5in
        NBPEL- 6 1/8-1/4?

        short term goal (1-2 months):
        BPEL- 7in
        NBPEL- 6.5in


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          This sounds like a technique problem, if you kegal a little earlier ,you should be able to stop the ejaculation before it gets going. Of course you can already stop an ejaculation very early. Now you are trying to stop it at the last moment before ejaculation commences, so that the ejaculation stops but the orgasm continues.
          Now I have good technique my kegals arn't particularly strong, you need strength at the begining when your technique is still developing.