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I am confused on Jelging. NEED HELP

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  • I am confused on Jelging. NEED HELP

    Hi All,

    I am a beginner and just started PE for about 2 weeks now. As mentioned in this site I am taking it slow. However, there are some problems I am facing now, and I am confused if I am doing it right.

    1. I seem to loose my morning wood on the next day after jelging. However, I am also kegeling every alternate day, ie., I jelg one day and kegel the next day and so on.

    2. However, I am getting a really nice morning wood only the next day after kegeling. But after jelging I tend to loose my morning wood.

    3. One more thing to note is, when I jelg I find it difficult to maintain 50% to 60% erectness. I tend to have about 30% to 40%, as when I start to squeeze i tend to loose the hardness.

    My jelging session would be like, 5 mins warm-up (hot shower), 5 mins basic stretching and 10 mins of jelging.

    I am not sure if I am doing it right or if this is a negative PI as I am getting my morning wood only after doing kegels.

    Really appreciate for your feedback and comments.



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    Hard to tell ,overworking the jelq would seem the most obvious culprit, but you only do 10 min ,you may be squeezeing too hard. Take a rest day and see what happens.
    Please detail kegal routine.


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      I am assuming that you are not experiencing any other negative things, such as soreness, bruising, etc. When you say you tend you lose your morning wood, do you mean it just isn't as hard as it sometimes is? How often might be more of an issue than how much you are doing. It isn't the kegeling that is helping your erection, it is the fact that you took a day off. I am also assuming that you stretch/jelq one day, then kegel the next. I think that if you stretched/jelqed, then did nothing the next day your morning wood would still return. Definitely not suggesting that you don't do kegels, only that the rest day is restoring your morning wood. You need to establish your on/off days to suit your time availability and your pecker's needs.

      To help keep your erection level as it starts to drop, do a kegel, immediately use your ok grip around the base to hold that influx of new blood, then jelq. Hell, think about how your woman is going to go crazy over your "new and improved" pecker, and what she will do to it when she gets hers hands and other body parts around it - that should be good for a few degrees improvement also!!

      Definitely alternate sets of regular and v-jelqs. If you are doing 50 regular and 30 v's per set, maybe cut back an equal number on each and see how old woody is doing the next day.
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        I would have to agree with Pegasus, it might be that you are Jelqing with too much intensity and need to back off some and drop down to around 5 minutes of Jelqing and see if that helps for awhile. When everything starts returning to normal start adding a minute or two every week or so. Light low intensity Jelqs work great on improving EQ. I would suggest a more thorough warmup as well, I use a shower as a warmdown but never as a warmup. Some form of warm wrap such as a rice sock works great and can be focused on one area. Also 5 minutes isn't enough, I would suggest a minimum of 10-15 minutes of concentrated warmup. IMO warmups are just as important as the exercises themselves.

        One more thing is to make sure you aren't pulling too hard while stretching, low intensity long duration stretches will produce the best length gains. Good luck.


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          Hi guys,

          Thanks for all the valuable feedback.

          I don't think I am squeezing too hard either, and as I mentioned before my erection levels are during jelging is just around 30% to 40%. Not sure if that is the cause of it.

          I have not jelged since the past 2 days, but did kegel last night. I had a morning wood today but not as hard as I usually do. Can i continue with the kegels and give a break for the jelging routine ? Or do I need to take complete rest. Ultimately I wanna last longer in bed and make her happy.

          My details are :

          Erect length - 5.5 inches
          Erect Girth - 4.7 inches
          Flaccid length - 3 inches.

          I want to increase atleast 1 inch in length and girth.

          Thanks for all the help.