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    I would like to say that since I started really PEing from about the second week of September (I PEed for about a month and a half before that, but I was doing it all wrong) I have gone from 4.15" EG to finally getting my first measurement breaking the 4.5" EG milestone. Most of my gains happened from about the 3rd week in October when I measured 4.25. I had actually been discouraged lately because I took 6 days off and been having trouble getting into a normal routine and my size was going away, but I just did a good set of 120 kegels and measured after and DAMN. I realized that I kind a swayed from focusing on kegels. Now I realize their importance.

    One standard deviation down! Assuming within the next week or two I solidify this gain, I am finally statistically normal!

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    Congrats on the gains.

    For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thine wounds, saith the Lord Jeremiah 30:17