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  • a little advice please

    hey guys I have just started PE and i am having a little bit of trouble with the jelq. i've watched the videos and understand what im supposed to do but when i copy i find that my foreskin gathers at the glans and the skin from the base is pulled forward so i can't really do the next stroke. i am using lubricant and i am semi-erect. any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I retract the skin before the next stroke, as I don't want to stretch the skin.
    Some don't mind the skin stretching along with the dick and just keep going.


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      What kind of lube are you using? Doesn't sound slick enough.

      I've got a Tiger by the tail.


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        Do your ok jelqs downward. The skin doesn't pull as much when you do. On v-jelqs, if the skin starts to pull up I do a kegel just as I reach my glans, that usually pulls the skin down for me.
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          alright thanks guys ill give it all a shot and change the lube too.


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            When i jelq,I just leave the skin as it is.It dont stop me doing what i need to.try it.


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              Press the skin inwards on the pubic fat pad. It holds the foreskin back and also exposes more of the penis base for you to jelq.
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