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    Hey guys. I've skimmed through the forums and haven't really found the exact answer I'm looking for. In almost every thread, an exercise is coupled with an erection percentage. My question is, how do you know what that is? I don't mean the difference between 60% and 65% but the broader examples like 25% and 50%. Help please?
    December 09:

    BPEL- 7.3
    EG- 5

    June '10

    BPEL- 7.7
    EG- 5.25

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    That's only a question you can answer. Limp is 0% and rock hard is 100%. I would say 25% is when your unit just starts to feel plump and slightly rise. This 25% is where I like to stretch because the head is easy to grip. I'd say 50% is when your unit is just starting to lift your pant leg but not enough to give you away to others. Just use common sense and try what works best for you in the various exercises your trying. Good luck to you!
    Starting April 09
    BPEL 7"
    EG 5 1/4"

    Current Feb. 10
    BPEL 8 1/2" ( + 1 1/2" )
    EG 6"+ ( + 3/4" )

    BPEL 9
    EG 6 1/4"