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BPFSL - Is it important?

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  • BPFSL - Is it important?

    Quick question, is bone pressed flaccid stretched length important?? Why is it??
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    The link above will provide some helpful and useful information on how to determine how to find your limiting factor and help with gains. Typicaly my BPFSL is around .4 longer than BPFSL when I am on a maintenance routine (like I'm on now) and about .6 longer while on a gaining routine. This does effect my EQ somewhat when this number gets bigger as explained in the thread.


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      It's also useful for measuring flaccid gains.

      On the subject of BPFSL; how is it meant to be measured. If I stretch my penis out, the skin of the fat pad gets pulled up and out and I can't get the ruler to touch the pubic bone without causing meself a lot of pain.
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        I think so. It's usually very close (about 1/2" +/-) to your BPEL.
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          I gave up trying to figure out the relationship between BPEL and BPFSL a long time ago. My dick confused me because my BPFSL was so fickle. It would change up to a 1/2" per day up and down. I never was able to grasp the correlation to what I was doing. It's something that I would like to experiment with again this coming year.
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