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3 week measurements:Good Start

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  • 3 week measurements:Good Start

    What up ive been doing PE for 3 weeks now and i really just started it to see if it was real and if you could improve your size. So i started it and i did 3 times a week and today was the third week of PEing which i decided i would measure every three weeks so this morning when i measured i saw that i put on a little over a third of an inch inlength and a little lower than a third of an inch in girth . So even though i have only been doing this for three weeks i think those results show that PE works

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    Ridiculous, right? I mean every credible source outside of the few communities dedicated to it dismiss it as complete bunk.

    I just don't know how to explain to people that this stuff really does work, do I have to start waving my now monstrous dick at them?
    Starting stats:.......Current stats:
    BPEL: 6"...............BPEL: 6 3/4"
    EG: 4.85"..............EG: 5 1/8"