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Manual stretches or hanging?

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  • Manual stretches or hanging?

    Hey again all. I've been doin PE for a little while now. Maybe not as consistant as i should be though. I usually get 3-4 days in a week. Not to bad. My flaccid size is definitely bigger and my girth is also bigger. Much nicer hang now adays . However, I don't see much in the line of erect length. I usually do anywhere between 20 minutes to half and hour of manual stretches in all directions for 30 seconds, and rotary stretches also. I was wondering if maybe switching to hanging would give me erect length gains. Or should I use hanging in conjunction with manual stretches. I would really love some length gains. Whatcha think?

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    Be sure to be conditioned before you start hanging.


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      I think my conditioning is pretty good. I have good PI's. I guess my question is: Do you think that hanging is better overall than manual stretches for obtaining length more efficiently? I know some people do both and some only choose one or the other. Anyone have a preference? What kind of gains did you have for one over the other?


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        absolutely YES for me, hanging has been leaps and bounds better than manual

        The reason is very simple: stretch duration. I feel that when I hold my stretch (via homemade device) with heat, the stretch is uncomparable to any other method. I then keep my wrapping on during the day, and do another session later on. I try to get in 4hrs per week spread out evenly. The other day I serioulsy thought I was looking at somebody else's cock hanging off of my body!!
        6/15/07: BPEL = 5.5"; EG = 4.75" (not-serious pe)
        10/22/09: BPEL = 6.2"; EG = 5.1" (began serious pe)
        12/21/09: BPEL = 6.5" (+.3); EG = 5.4" (+.3)
        6/23/10: BPEL = 6.7" (+.2); EG = 5.5" (+.1)


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          Some guys never hang at all. They never need to, having gotten consistent gains with "hands on" PEing.

          I would certainly take a shot at manual PE first. Make a point of reading up on it and giving it a serious go. But if you try for months, consistently working it with your hands to no avail? Heck yes, give serious consideration to hanging.

          My gains came from hanging. I gave it 4 months of dedicated and consistent jelqing and stretching first. A bit of an increase in flaccid but nada in the way of erect gains. I think that hanging is a wonderful way to go, assuming that you and your life style are conductive to it. Hanging and I were a good match, something I was aware of going into it. Two major points, listed below.

          Do you have the time and privacy to easily hang for hours a day? If you are single and live alone it is easier than otherwise. If you are a student or have a home business even better. I was all of that and multi-tasked 4 hours a day, hanging whilst on the computer.

          Even if you are a perfect candidate based on the above, without the second part of the equation I would advise not hanging.

          Do you have excellent self monitoring skills? Hanging has the potential to turn bad in a heart beat. On the flip side it has the potential to let you control all variables in a way that manual work simply can't compete with. You must remain aware of exactly what is going on with your penis second to second or risk serious injury.