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Day1 and Day 2 tonight

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  • Day1 and Day 2 tonight

    so i had my first session last night and im feeling really good about it i guess. Even though i did get hard a couple of times but once i get use to it i think i'll be ok. Im just making sure im doing every right which im not all that sure about. But Im doing exercise for length and one for thickens. Also im going to try and not masturbate for this whole month so i can really get all i can =)
    Wish Me Luck Tonight!!!

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    I need to find ways to quit masturbating also. It's difficult.
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      =) yes it is very difficult to stop masturbating but so far i am one week strong lol


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        after starting PE, I don't feel a need for masturbating. Or more I don't get as hard as easy.
        Probably just me.

        But I was just in your shoes, Dray.

        Good luck!
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