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  • Just a little prob

    Hey, I started PE-ing since week ago on easy routine and now my penis when erected is not on is full dont go up...dont know whats happening. Guess you guys can help. Best regards...

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    Originally posted by wannagrowbig View Post
    now my penis when erected is not on is full dont go up...
    Maybe explain this a little better?

    I've got a Tiger by the tail.


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      I think he's trying to say that he is unable to get fully erect, the way he used to pre-PE.
      wannagrowbig, post your routine.
      Check out my progress log:
      Starting BPEL - 6.00 After 3 weeks BPEL - 6.75


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        yes scythe that was just what I ment...My method:
        10 minutes warmup
        5-10 minutes streching (left,right, circle stretching...)
        10 minute jelq
        hot shower
        thats using this since yesterday but 4 days before I used this method:
        5 minutes warmup
        50 jelqs
        5 minutes stretching
        but found out that was bad so went on PESG training....i had 1 day of pause before goind on his type on training
        the first training i was doing was 4 days in a row and now i taken yesterday a day of and from today went on PESG is somehow confusing but try to understand it...tnx


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          As you are a raw beginer an extra day or 2 of rest might be in order, until you get some condition.
          Take a couple days rest then post and tell us how everything is.


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            Yes peg is right there are some people that need some preconditioning even before the newbie routine. What i would recommend is that you cut your routine in half for 1 week with a 2 on 1 off routine. Then the next week bump back up to what you are currently doing. Then frm there bump up your work out as necessary. Anyway good luck!
            Started 8/4/09 BPEL 6 1/2'' BPFL 6 9/16'' EG 4 3/4''
            9/4/09 BPEL 6 3/4'' BPFL 6 13/16'' EG 5 1/8''
            10/4/09 BPEL 6 3/4'' BPFL 7'' EG 5 1/4''
            11/4/09 BPEL 6 15/16'' BPFL 7 1/8'' EG 5 1/4''
            12/04/09 BPEL 7 1/16'' BPFL 7 1/4'' EG 5 1/4''

            RESTART of PE
            1/10/14 BPEL 6.5'' EG 5''


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              thank you all...will go back and tell how it is going