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    Hi everyone, this may be useless, but it has been bothering me for some while.

    Problem 1:I have been wondering...I started Beginner's PEGym a few months ago and I made some mistakes. I began doing it wrong. Since I spread out my routine(since I didn't have time to do the stretching and jelqing all at one given time), I forgot(for a couple of months) to warm up before my stretching and before my jelqing(warm up before both since I did both separately).
    Problem 2:Then after doing it wrong for a couple of months, I was camping and was not in the environment to do it so I stopped doing it for around 2 weeks.- I have two questions:

    Problem 3:And some times I would forget a day or two to do it.

    Problem 1 Question: If, even though I forgot to warmup for my very first PEGym and the couple of months after that of PEGym, did those still count if I did a decent job with both(stretching and jeqing) or were they useless?

    Problem 2 Question: Was the time off from it bad? Did I go back in size? Should I not have taken a break?

    Problem 3 Question: What happened to it if I forgot a day or two once in a while? Is this bad?

    >I want to be strict about it and make it a routine like always brushing my teeth. I really want to see progress and don't feel in my heart that I can accomplish this without discipline and organization.
    >Any help would be fine and please don't get mad anyone, I know this may sound useless, but I really need some advice. It's bothering me. Thank you.

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    1. the main purpose of warming up is to prevent injury, which you seem to have avoided. So they did you some good, perhaps not as much as they could have ,but certainly not useless.
    2.(a) Possibly a little (b) what does the tape say(c) the worst thing you are doing is stressing out
    3. Not much. When I first met my current girl, I was so busy having sex I forgot everything and hey that included pe, but I don't regret it. We know you have a life. You know the saying "life is something that happens to you when you are making other plans" Hey have a life ,try and fit pe into it as best you can.


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      Originally posted by applejuice1324 View Post
      ... Did I go back in size?...
      Aren't you recording your measurements?
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        Start the routine over, from the beginning and take a couple of days off every week for rest and growth. Post your stats, we can better advise.

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