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  • Taking a break??

    Hey peoples. I have a noob question. Before I found this website, I was googleing all types of ways for natural penis enlargement without the pills, tubes, etc etc. and I found out about the jelq exercise on some medical website (dont remember which one). My question is that the doctor on that website said that a person should only jelq for 3 days then give your penis 2 days rest then rinse and repeat. Now my routine usually means p-e-ing during the weekdays and resting on the weekends. Is this website correct or is this just one of those "depends on the type of person you are," things.
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    I'm not experienced enough to say indefinitely but I'm pretty sure it depends on the person/lifestyle


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      Depends on the person and intensity, I would guess. Like if you work out other muscles, you wouldn't do bench press every day. I just don't know for sure with PE.
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        Breaks are certainly important. There is no exact science yet, as we seem to have people on two or three days a week making great gains while others do better 5 or 6 days a week. So, I think the point is as mentioned above, like working out, you need to give your penis recovery time. Trial and error is the order of the day. I was doing one day on and one day off and found my gains were slow after two months so went to 5 days a week and weekends off. I think for me that is a little better.

        Just pay attention to your body and try three days a week first.
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          John pops 90 day routine.....follow what fits your dick


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            5 days on 2 off may be too intense for you.

            It is one of those "depends on who it is" things, if you can handle it do it.

            I've personally stuck to a 2 on/ 1 off routine for the last year.
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