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  • Please Help With Routine

    Hello all,

    I have read a lot on these forums, as well as others. I started back in late August with Big Al's beginner routine. After 3 to 4 weeks, I had trouble staying hard even during sex, so I took a few weeks off and everything got back to normal. I started back in early October lightly, then at the beginning of November, I started JonPop's beginner routine. I could tell my dick was getting fatigued, so I have taken a few days off, probably will continue resting a few more days. I gained 3/8 of an inch in less than a month for length, but no girth. Now I don't gain at all. I am 6.25" BPEL and 5.0 inches girth.


    Am I using too much pressure when I jelq? Stretching too heavily? Why do I keep getting such bad dick fatigue? Any suggestions on a routine? Should I go back to the easy beginner workout thinking less is more right now?

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    You should continue but I suggest extra rest days and reduce the intensity. Have you been doing 2 days on ,1 off?


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      I first started with 3on/2off. After a few weeks, I went to 5 straight days. In October, I was going 2 on 1 off. I think that the intensity is part of it, and maybe the amount of reps. I think that in the last month, I shouldn't have been ratcheting up to 300 jelqs and 100 v-jelqs.


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        Just do what feels right. I do 5 on and 2 off. If I feel fatigued or something I just don't do it for a day. Like last week I missed my Wednesday (3rd day) workout due to fatigue.... Just adapt to what your peepee wants.
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          How hard are you gripping? You only need a light grip to jelq effectively.

          Also, when stretching you want to feel a decent tug but you don't want to yank your little buddy off!

          It sounds like you're very temporamental with your routine. Firstly, stick to a days on/off regiment. If you're feeling fatigued then lower the intensity. Do what Peg said and try and 2 on 1 off routine.

          Also make sure that you're doing the same exercises in terms of intensity, repetition, quality etc. Consistency is key in PE. For instance, if you're doing 100 slow jelqs in your routine then make sure that you stick to that. Don't get excited and try and do more. This will lead to the dick fatigue you mentioned.
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