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  • Jelqing

    Hello Everyone,

    1.)I have been doin g PEGym for a few months now and my penis is used to the routine(warmup, stretching, jelqing(75% erect). I just recently started PEGym jelqing with a fully erect penis and it has been working amazingly and I have been doing this for some time. I seem to be making progress and I have not at all hurt myself. I read somewhere that after your beginner routine is done, you can go on with tougher routines so I'm gradually going on tougher stuff and I read somewhere here that one can, when ready, do jelqing fully erect. Can I pursue such a thing?
    P.S. My apologies for posting twice, but it is almost my time for jelqing and since there were so many posts on the beginner's forum, my post kinda got pushed to the bottom. I do not at all mean to be hostile.

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    I'd strongly advise not jelqing above a 70% erection.

    If you're going to continue doing it anyway then make sure that you're using an extremeley light grip.

    I personally think you're going to damage yourself if you carry on apple.
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      Note that if you jelq at a higher erection, you risk toughening up your tunica by the repeated high internal preassures. If your goal is girth and you have determined that tunica isnt your limiting factor, then I can see where you are coming from. Otherwise, best be you jelq at the lower levels, and move up to higher levels if you determine that your current level isnt giving you any results.