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  • Kegel?

    Hello everybody, I'm new here and I can't get the "Kegel part" .
    Can someone teach me, how to do it?
    Cause' I'm kinda curious because I saw one forumers said " Kegel : 100-150 times a day"

    So please, help me. How to do it?
    Really appreciated.

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    It's basically the tensing and relaxing of your PC muscle. The kegel will help with a number of things including your EQ (erection quality) and your ability to prevent ejaculation.

    The best way to locate the muscle and work out how to tense and relax it is to go to the toilet and stop the urine mid-stream. The muscle you tense here is exactly the same one you use to kegel.

    Another good way to see your kegels in action is to do them with an erection. As your muscles contract you'll actually see your penis rise up and down.

    I hope that helps.
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