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  • Girth bigger than Length

    I just got one question and it is that I need to know how best to put on more length insted of a lot of girth because right now my measurement are nbpel is 4.85 in and my eg is 5.40 in and im i would be cool with that if I thought I would put more length on then girth so my length could catch up but after my three week measurement I put on a 3rd of an inch in both areas im afraid if this keeps going this way im going to have a 5 1/2 long penis with a 6 1/2 wide one and bros that will look really freaky. So if you have any tips hit me up.

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    You could focus more on stretches, and less on jelqs and girth type exercises.

    Search up some length only routines in the forums as there are plenty.

    If you do continue to jelq, people say that you should jelq with a lower erection so it is more length focused as opposed to girth.
    Starting: September 22nd 2009
    BPEL: 5.5 Inches
    NBPEL: 5 Inches
    EG: 5.0 Inches (Base) 4.5 Inches (Shaft)
    FL: 2 Inches for most of the day
    EQ: 9-10


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      Low erection % is better for length.... Do more stretches and less jelqs. Should help even things out a bit.
      Starting Size (09/2009): ~7"BPEL x ~5" MSEG
      Most Recent Measurement (08/13/2012): 8"BPEL x 5.5"MSEG
      Final Goal: When I'm told to stop.


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        If it were me I'd never be concerned about how big my girth was lol!

        But you didn't post your routine, why don't you post it and maybe we can help better.
        Start: 9/12/2010
        NBPEL - 6.85"
        BPEL - 7.5"
        MSEG - 5"

        NBPEL - 6.85"
        BPEL - 7.5"
        MSEG - 5.25!! (been working girth only!)


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          My workout is this

          15 min warm up with a heating pad

          1 set of 4-way flaccid bends 10 sec intervals

          20 JAI stretches 2 sec intervals

          1 set of 5-way stretches 30 sec intervals

          8-10 min of jelqing

          Around 100 kegels

          Edging for as long as i can which isnt very long

          And every once in a while i will do some uli's

          I know it isn't a whole lot but I believe that I took it from one of the senior members basic workouts and so far im cool with it but would like to gain a little more in length because ya I want big girth but i would like to be proportional because it looks like I will hit 6 inches in girth easy but length has a long way to catch up. For real who has heard of someone with an inch longer in girth than length and at this rate it will be me.


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            Keep in mind, it seems that JAI stretches and jelq (at least about 60% erect) are more oriented towards girth. Doing light weights with your stretches may help too.

            But don't worry about your "problem" too much as most women I know would chose a shorter thicker one over a longer thin one any day. Be happy for that!
            BPEL 6 3/4''
            EG 5 (mid shaft)

            BPEL 7 1/8"
            EG 5 1/4"

            Restarted 8/4/09
            BPEL 7 1/4"
            EG 5 1/4"

            BPEL 7 1/4+"
            NPBEL 6.6
            EG 5 1/4"
            BPFS 7 3/4"

            (After restart 3 months on Phallosan only) 8/11/20
            BPEL 7.5
            NBEL 6.75
            EG ?

            Long term goal
            BPEL 8"
            EG 6


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              Sort of move your stretches around until you really feel it in the ligaments, thats when you know you've got it, and then hold for a while and repeat. Also try kegeling with the stretches, that helps stretch the ligs too. I think once you get it going you will have no problem with length.