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How long did you jelq before you started noticing results?

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  • How long did you jelq before you started noticing results?

    I've been at it for a month with no results so far. I stretch for 30 seconds in every direction possible in a hot shower. I started out jelqing 100 times and I went up to 250+ per session.

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    About 4 months.

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      I saw some results mid 2nd month. I'm in month 3 already with no minimal gains, but that isn't deterring me from continuing on. Keeping my routine for the next 6-8 months then I'll change it up some.
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        Started seeing flaccid results in the first week. Got erect gains after about a month.
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          I started seeing gains 1-1/2 months into PE and after I reduced the number of jelqs from 150 to 50. However I increased the intensity from 3-second to 5-second per stroke. Currently I do 60 5-sec jelqs that resulted in noticeable (but unmeasured as of yet) erect girth gains.

          50 was my magic number. Had I known and started with 50 jelqs when I began, I would have gained sooner.

          I have flaccid length gains too, but they haven't translated into erect gains yet.


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            Four months for me too.
            Going411by7 (I was a grower; now I'm a shower).

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            Feb. '09 BPEL 9.50" x 7" Flaccid 7" x 6.5"
            February '12 BPEL 9.5" x 6" Flaccid 7.5" x 6.25"
            June '13 BPFLS 11"
            January '19 BPEL 7" x 6.25" Flaccid 6" x 6.25"
            December '19 BPEL 7.5" X 6.5" Flaccid 6.5" x 6.5"

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              flacid gains within the first few days.....erect took a while. At about the 6-8 week mark I started growing.
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                Four months for me [3]

                Began with 6,3'' X 5,1'' (BPEL)
                After 6 months, 7,5'' X 5,3'' (BPEL)

                My goal is 8'' X 6''
                Hopefully I will get there in a year or less.

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                  Wow, this thread is making me feel better. I'm thinking the average time frame to see results is between 2 and 3 months. I'm on my 5th week and I have more veins and a better flaccid but definitely no erect gains. Falo, is it true that between your 4th month and your 6th month, you gained 1.2" in length? I hope I have a gain like that to look forward to
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                    For me it's hard to say because I really took it slow.

                    First I noticed better EQ and night-wood. Gains came after I worked on increasing EQ. I did lots of kegels, jelqs, stretching and edging.
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                      Good to see you C, improved eq is a good goal.


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                        Originally posted by going411by7 View Post
                        Four months for me too.
                        Hiya! New to this site, I know this qute an old thread but I just happened to see your 'signature' with your gains on. That's so so impressive. I've just started myself at just under what you were in 03' im 7.5" x 4.9". Can I ask what exercises you started with to get that impressive gain in 4-5 months?

                        Many thanks


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                          His thread is in the success forum, but don't expect to gain as fast as him, he has a magical penis.

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                            Well I did my own thing for about a month before deciding to do the jp90. About ten days of it left. No gains yet. So I guess you could call that 3 - 4 months.

                            Glad to read a few others, guys with good gains, didn't gain until month 4.
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                              5 months for small gains. Longer for more real noticeable ones.
                              Any help would be appreciated.