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help pe and turtling and gym

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  • help pe and turtling and gym

    i do my pe after work and wait aorund 2 and half hours for the regular gym and i turtle at the gym mostly on cardio but am fine for the rest of the days and have neutral or postive effects bad thing? or good? should i wait longer? for the gym

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    yeah I get the same thing. I'm not sure what kind of effects this could have, but turtling isn't a good thing. What I do is go to the gym first, then return home and PE. I don't know why but this makes sense to me. Working out cardio promotes circulation post workout and I can't see that being a bad thing as far as PE is concerned. Plus if you PE after working out you're potentially minimizing the turtling effects. This is what I'm assuming.


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      ya i thought the same just didn't want to change anything up before asking got myself in a good routine thanx


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        Originally posted by lovethis View Post
        i do my pe after work and wait aorund 2 and half hours for the regular gym and i turtle at the gym mostly on cardio but am fine for the rest of the days and have neutral or postive effects bad thing? or good? should i wait longer? for the gym
        Quick question Lovethis,

        Did you ever turtle during or after the gym workout before you ever started doing PE?

        The same happens to me when I exercise. I think what you are experiencing is normal. What is happening is this:

        When you exercise (especially muscle training/weight lifting), you body prepares to deliver more blood and oxygen to those muscles that you work out. Blood leaves those organs that don't need that much blood during the exercise, and more blood flows into those muscles. Since you do not need that much blood in your penis at that moment, your body further restricts blood from entering the penis. The result: bigger biceps during workout, and a turtling penis!

        When one of my friends and I started doing weightlifting at a gym, we would notice what we thought were immediate gains: bigger biceps, pumped pecks. Our skin would also turn more red, and the blood vessels were more prominent. But after we came from the gym, we would shrink. The temporary gain in size was caused by an increase of blood flow to those muscles. The blood had to flow from somewhere...

        If you are a grower like me, turtling seems a real problem. But when your penis gets larger, so does the skin. If you notice increased turtling, it could mean that you did girth exercises that made your penis bigger and stretched the skin (or you could be stretching the skin during lengthening exercises, don't do that).

        Look at the other negative factors of the Physiological Indicators to see if you are really hurting your penis. But do expect some loss in size of your penis during physical workout at the gym.
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          Working out can do that. Been doing it to me for years. Sometimes I work out so hard and it seems like my penis hides. Totally normal.
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            it happen before may be like once ever 4 months when i workout really hard otherwise never if i do my pe after the gym how long should i wait i am thinking hour to hour and half???


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              Read the anti turtling threads. If that is your concern, the majority opinion here is never let it turtle. To prevent this syndrome read the threads on wrapping.
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                I'm a beginner but I do traction wrapping and then go to the gym.


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                  Yeah, traction wrapping seems like the best solution. Just be careful.
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                    So you guys do traction wrapping then goto the gym and do your cardio whilst wearing the wrap?

                    I always get really bad turtling whenever I do cardio, and always have done. I totally agree with cubah on the reason.


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                      Yes I get turtle after cardio,gym,swimming etc, but if I give it a quick stretch for 1 minute of so it comes good. So I don't let it worry me too much, it is normal.


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                        Do not worry about turtling while training, its your body's way of protecting itself as it redirects blood (oxygen/nutrients) to where it feels it is needed the most.

                        Have you ever heard the statements "you have to eat to lose weight", or "you have to eat fat, to lose fat". The turtling effect is similar to how the body will hold onto body fat and go into "starvation mode" the second it perceives a caloric deficit. Your body is simply prioritizing its needs at the is a "survival" mode.

                        When you are done training and the body is not being strained give yourself a few tugs and remind your body that blood is needed down there......all will return to normal.
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                          This is the effect that first got me thinking about looking into low intensity ADS systems. I am still just playing with one (I bought the Autoextender Xsleeve) and have not tried working out with it but I have worn it while working, walking, yard work and stuff like that. So far, so good.
                          I might try running with it.
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