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ED and PRE, took a blood test

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  • ED and PRE, took a blood test

    Hi guys, sorry for my english. I am a 22 year old healthy boy (height 6ft, weight 176 lb. I do sports 4 times a week) and I'm been suffering from ED and PRE for 2 years. My libido is low and i'm always tired and I also have a developed breast.
    I took a blood tests to see if it was an ormonal thing and I got these results:

    TSH: 2.7 uUl/ml (range 0,270-4,200)

    ESTRADIOL: 24 pg/ml (11.3-43.2)

    TESTOSTERONE: 6,470 ng/ml (2,490-8,360)

    FREE TESTOSTERONE: 28,4 pg/ml (19,8-51,7)

    DHEA-S: 226,00 ug/dl (211,00-492.00)

    PROLACTIN: 37,25 ng/ml ( 4,04-15,20)

    based on these data could it be a hormonal problem?

    I haven't watched porn for over a year for fear that it was porn induced erectile dysfunction and do kegel exercises regularly but I have no improvements.

    thank you for your patience.

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      Total test about average for age .
      What did the doc say re Prolactin?


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        Thanks for the link Pegasus. my doctor says it’s normal. But I don’t think it’s normal at the age of 22 to have Gynecomastia, low libido and ED.


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          What's your diet? Have you done steroid cycles?Do you feel a lump of pea size in breast tissue? i have read it might require surgery to remove it. Otherwise it could be just fat.

          During my puberty 14yo, i had been drinking too much of raw milk when i was living with my grandparents in farm during summer, like 2liters and more per day. I had gained 20kg, from 45kg to 65kg in 3months and developed tissue of gynecomastia and very little lump. When i was in warm, my nipples would become very exposed,puffy and in cold they were still visible but way less. So since that summer i started to watch over my diet.

          I had eliminated all processed sugar products (soda, cookies, chips, cereals, snacks, pies, candies), estrogenic food (dairy, anything like levandium and other estrogenic seeds, salmon), food rich in gluten ( white bread, bread, pasta). I mainly ate only bananas, oatmeals, buckwheats, eggs, pork meat (especially ears), chicken breasts, all fruits, vegetables (avocado is test booster), consumed often onions, garlics.
          i had started seriously training on pull ups, push ups, running, cycling, swimming in pool.
          It took me 3 years to lose all my bodyfat and i finally got rid of gynecomastia when i was shredded 8% bodyfat 175cm and 59kg.

          Im an expert of porno, 23years of non stop masturbating and still can do it for hours, last as long as i want without ejaculation. Not much of semen, when i do release it so often. XD i have wasted like 1/ 24 of my life affects libido but wont stop you from feeling horny.

          For better libido i would suggest you to consume more fatty, cholesterol rich food. I do get morning woods if i consume day before whole boiled eggs 6-10, pork ears, avocado, garlic. Also try out this receipt, blend raw cacao powders 30-50grams ( no sugar added, not skimmed, but the one with more carbo) with banana, 1 spoon of honey, peanut butter (no sugar added), whey protein. When I do drink this cocktail, it kills my desire to eat anything sweet, deserts.

          Do some freeweight or heavy squats, inner thighs training with bands or by applying arms as resistance ( i get often erections from that, too much blood pumps )

          Also if you're jealous of a girl or of something that causes you stress about and anxiety. Just delete or dont use socialmedia, dont watch her, forget about her. focus on improving yourself, then you will sleep better and feel better. Best way to motivate yourself in training, get a huge mirror in your room and pump muscles in front of it. I can do this for uncountable hours. Last resort would be zinc supplements 50mg and l-Arganine

          i hope it will help you
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            Originally posted by Jacky99 View Post
            Thanks for the link Pegasus. my doctor says it’s normal. But I don’t think it’s normal at the age of 22 to have Gynecomastia, low libido and ED.
            You need to see a good endo . Trouble is good ones are hard to find many are overpaid half wits. You will need to do some research.

            Your test and estradiol seem ok but the prolactin is clearly out of range slap the gp upside the head for being an idiot .
            There is the possibility of a tumor or a thyroid issue ,in any case you need more medical advice than a bunch of guys on the net .
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