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IC muscle tear

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  • IC muscle tear

    I am at my wits end here. Have started seeing a pelvic floor physio and have not seen any more improvements than I’ve seen on my own in a month.

    She was analyzing my IC muscle and noticed a massive lump on it which she identified as scar tissue. After the bump, the muscle on the left compared to the right is almost non existent or extremely thin. When I mentioned a tear she said I definitely could have had a minor tear.

    I however think I have had a moderate to major tear. The swelling at injury was INSANE. Every single time I get an erection my symptoms are back at square one. I think during prior incidents when I healed the HF, it was maybe only a strain causing the symptoms. This time I believe it is a tear and why I cannot get an erection without going to square one.

    There is also nerve pain which is new and a result of the tear I believe. I have asked my physio to look into this for me and will keep everyone updated. I think surgery might be the only hope at this point.

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    The anxiety is not helping.


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      I have a theory for the injured, the 'pop' that is often heard by those that succumb to injury could be a tear. I have read of people with sports and lifting injuries hearing a pop- and then bam its a diagnosed tear.
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        When I mentioned a tear she said I definitely could have had a minor tear.

        Okay great statement but what does it mean? The word definite; clearly true or decided. The word could;maybe, possible. So what is it? Fact or eh maybe?
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          In any case a minor muscle tear (assuming it happened ) would not take long to heal .


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            So my GP is setting up an MRI.

            I did another water fast and have cut out all caffeine and have seen a huge improvement. Will update after the MRI.


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              So I’ve done a few things and have been 100 percent for the last week. The Bump on my IC muscle went away after a 5 day fast. The theory is when igf1 is super low on a fast, stem cell production ramps up. When you refeed, you need to go high protein (carnivore) to ramp up igf1 which then proliferates those stem cells and directs them to the site of injury. I won’t say the bump was gone at the 5 day mark of the fast but it is gone today which is my fourth day of refeeding. Here is the research fro Valter Longo:


              now I have done a few things to further help my situation. I have balanced my muscles, particularly my core muscles and have not worked out my legs in weeks.

              I have gotten to the point I’m at now which is seemingly completely cured but one day and I can be back at square one. Regardless, just getting here is massive for my mental health, it’s like night and day. I really want everyone to heal this just for the sake of their mental health.

              There have been two common denominators during every phase I have cured this. Fasting was only a factor in 4 out of the 6 times so I assume these next two must be really important.

              dropping caffeine was huge. Less IK’s, more PNS activation and less SNS. Prior to this I just cut back but now I completely cut it out and it has been a definite must.

              the next one is odd but it’s copious amounts of Coconut and mct oil. There’s lots of theories about bacterial prostatis which could contribute. MCT’s are anti microbial so this could play a part. My perineal pain is gone and I honestly think this may be the biggest contributor but it’s just a theory.

              I’ve only found two supplements that made a noticeable difference, ginkgo and ginseng. They could be placebo but definitely something to try.

              take care y’all and I will keep an update on the mri.