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Any way to combat a discolored penis?

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  • Any way to combat a discolored penis?

    Mine has always been discolored even before I started PE, and I was wondering if there's any way to combat this? I get kind of tired of being white as a ghost with a brown cock.

    Anybody else looking for treatments for this problem? Stories? And yes, I know it's just the natural color of my dick and I shouldn't be worried about it, but I should be able to change or at least attempt to change something on my body I'm not happy with. Similar to a fat guy wanting to work out. I'm a pasty white guy who wants to make his brown cock white like the rest of him. Okay, maybe not AS WHITE, but definitely whiter than it is now.

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    Why do you say discolored? Sounds like that's your natural color, man. Why not embrace it? It's just ethnicity/genetics that create that. Now, if it were an actual discoloration caused by rough girth work, you might have a case. You seem to be talking about actually changing the color of your penis.

    Sounds familiar to me. Plenty of women seem to think that their labia are too big, or too dark. They believe that the pink porno pussies are the standard, and that they somehow deviate from this, so they're weird. Not true at all.

    But back to you. You're normal. It's normal for your penis to be darker than the rest of your body.

    Sorry this is the answer you predicted, rather than a comment directed at your actual question.
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