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Respect for others, their threads, their posts. 😃

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  • Respect for others, their threads, their posts. 😃

    Suggestion for writing your posts, being
    helpful, and not being offensive

    Respecting members, their threads, their posts.

    1. Members should aim to treat each other with Respect, thread topics and their posts within, deserve/receive that same Respect.
    2. If your post or behavior, appears to cross that line, you may be asked to edit your post; your post may be deleted, and/or you may be warned via Private Message, issued an Infraction, or banned from using the forum.
    3. Bans may last from 1 day to permanent. If you have a concern or issue with something, then you can contact a Moderator, Report a Post, Report a PM.
    4. Please stay on topic & be helpful, and supportive !

    (Members have the option to work out problems with each other, but please don't derail a thread with your debate; the option of conversing via Private Message, PM, is at your disposal.)

    Lastly, from the Start Here thread, item #4
    4) Freedom of speech is our motto, but don't abuse it! Treat others with respect, keep your posts clean, avoid porn, don't act like an idiot, and be friendly to others. If you follow these guidelines, you'll do well here!
    Thank you !
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    The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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        When posting your reply, discuss the thread topic, please to not result to attacks upon another member. This is
        known as an ad hominem attack.

        Ad hominem (Latin for "to the person"), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a fallacious argumentative strategy whereby genuine discussion of the topic at hand is avoided by instead attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself. The terms ad mulierem and ad feminam have been used specifically when the person receiving the criticism is female.
        This helps to show the types of responses -

        Valued Member of 11 years at the PEGym
        Looks are deceiving, mirrors don't lie.