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  • yet another beginner

    Hi all,

    I've been lingering here on PEGym for a few weeks now and I figure the only way I'll be able to really apply myself is to add to the conversation and receive help from all you long time PEers.
    I'm a 19 year old college student and pretty tall at 6'1" and like just about all of you I want to grow my stick. For me it's more of a self confidence thing. I have looked at most of the beginner routines and kind of made up my own from all the info put together, it goes as follows.

    5 minute shower warm-up
    20 second stretch holds in all directions with helicopter spins in between and constant warmth from the shower, then I go on to do between 50-100 jelqs depending on the time and finish up with another warming session and a few more quick stretches.

    Starting stats
    BPEL: 5.5"
    EG: 6.0"
    Goal: 7x6.5

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    Hey cujo, your routine looks totally sound for starting mate. Just adhere to the nice n easy mantra and you'll do well. That some meaty girth already, before too long you'll be packing some seriously heavy artillery!


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      Welcome cujo.

      I think a progress journal is a good decision. Most guys keeping one helps them.
      My progress journal / useful PE links


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        Welcome aboard Cujo!