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My no fap journey begins.

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  • My no fap journey begins.

    Hello everyone, sorry for my bad gramma, english is not my native language.
    So let me introduce myself... i'm 28yo caucasian straight male and i'm addicted to porn.
    I have been watching porn since 13yo and had started masturbating frequently since i was 5yo( enough was to fantasy about a boob).. i dont touch myself only every 4th day due to work of 24hours per day. I have tried nofap challenges, but the longest i ever lasted was a month.
    I do believe fapping has affected me in many negative ways. Like hormones, i do have very wide lats and muscular legs, arms, abs(im 5"9 165 lbs i never did steroids, but i can do 50 pull ups per set, 200 dips, 300 push ups, squat 100kgx100reps in 7min) but my face... it's like 15yo boy, people often mistaken me as being beard almost doesnt grow, i do shave my thin beard like every 7th day.
    I think the biggest impact of fapping; it has made me a very antisocial person - i prefer to be alone all the time...
    i found out about pegym after i have ordered penis extender from aliexpress. Was curious how it works.

    my main goal is to quit porn and i hope pegym will distract me from my habbit.

    my starting stats
    24th November 2021:
    BPEL 7.5" x 4.8 ( dont have measurement tape for accurate circumference. )"
    BPFL 7.9 ( stretched)
    Flaccid: 5" x

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    Welcome, thank you for your introduction !
    START HERE !!!
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      Welcome to the forum!
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