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probiotic supplement: lactobacillus reuteri - and the big, fat benefits.

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  • probiotic supplement: lactobacillus reuteri - and the big, fat benefits.

    I believe I've come upon something that may have huge effects on your overall health/wellbeing and potentially your testicle size, testosterone and sperm count...

    I've been supplementing primadophilus reteuri for just over two weeks now. I wish I had taken the pre-supplementation measurement of my testicles more seriously, for I've just gone on memory: some day (it's hazy-sorry) between 1/10-1/13 this month I began supplementing l. reuteri... before I get into the meat of what I've noticed, check out this study done on male mice (which have a reproductive system nearly identical to humans:

    So: I remember before the first pill of l. reuteri I took, I measured both testicles roughly 1.5 in. long x .75 in. wide/deep. I always thought up until that point I had "average" or even bigger balls. My preconceptions weren't accurate (according to what I've read about average testicle size) , or my measurements were off (likely).

    In the past 4 days or so, I can confidently say my testicles feel heavier, bigger and I have accurately measured each testicle enough now to feel confident in these measurements: testicles are measured length x width x depth. Part of my self-guessing with the accuracy of my measurements was reading up the different averages for width x depth being as big as they are. I just can't seem to find these differences in my own - they're nearly the same. After a hot shower, I would isolate each testicle with one hand, then take my other hand and measure the dimensions by placing the testicle between my thumb and index finger, then - a few inches away, I would (do my best to) lock the dimension I measured in the measuring hand - and place it next to the ruler. I'd do this multiple times, and alternate hands. I did this multiple times before I was confident in the number.

    current measurements: Length : (L) 2.5
    (R) 2.33
    Width/Depth: (L/R) 1.5

    there could be a slight difference in my testicle width and depth, but I can't seem to accurately measure this difference - my balls not only feel pretty thick now, but my measurements showed me this - they both are nearly identical in thickness. Regardless, I remember they felt proportionally the same when they were (to my preconception) smaller a few weeks ago.

    Either way, starting today I can say: I feel more confident, have more focus, more vigor (like the guy who made a post about it on reddit nearly a year ago: <commercial link removed by Admin>- and it's only been about two weeks.

    btw if anyone has practice or experience with accurately measuring their testicles, I'd love to hear more of how you did so. I've read the most accurate method is ultrasound, but that is not realistic for me.

    In addition to just taking r. reuteri, I've made a point to limit simple sugars / processed food since beginning this supplement - on the grounds that these types of food are not conducive to a healthy gut flora.

    The next step (I feel) to help determine if something down there is changing - would be to measure the volume of my loads - which is something I have never done. I feel my libido has always been high - but in the last six months - generally it has gone down significantly. In the last 8 months I've self-medicated with masterbating a lot, as well as smoking marijuana, and diet and exercise has fallen off a cliff. But - I have on average significantly increased the times I ejaculate in one day (about 3 on average... some days upwards of 7, others maybe just once). Only since Christmas have I quit smoking Marijuana - which I feel has been a HUGE help for me on many levels. Just last night I measured my 4th cum-shot for the day with a teaspoon, I filled the spoon (only) about half way. I'll measure another load tonight before bed - but I have many bad habits to kick on my journey into the realm of PE, as well as many lifestyle changes.

    I hadn't come upon this site until just a few days ago or I would have done a better job at coordinating my l. reuteri supplements with measurements, and a more scientific approach to providing what I feel is happening to me right now. I will say that I'm planning to recalibrate my entire day - my routines - my exercising, diet - and definately PE: specifically kegels, edging/balooning, penis warm-ups, stretches and jelqing. All of these may have an effect on my results - which could negate my argument that l. reuteri is doing anything to increasing load size and testicles size- but I have a benchmark to start from today.

    In conclusion, I'd recommend to anyone who cares about nutrition, health and their balls to look into this, I truly believe the health benefits of reuteri seem to coincide with a more primed, efficient and healthy body - in my opinion ALL of these are things that would make the gains these mice saw as plausible.

    I'm planning to track my testicle size here, as well as cum-shot volume.. Likely on a weekly/bi-monthly basis. I'm incredibly enthusiastic about all of this I've been reading and learning about here. If anyone else is as interested in male-specific health I'd love to chat. I'm no expert but I'm intrigued about making gains to improve the entire reproductive system... with the way modern data <commercial link removed by Admin>

    is showing the drastic decline in male fertility, as well as the advance of technology and automation - I feel it is my benevolent right to develop the healthiest, strongest and smartest package I can - for the sake of evolution, or in light of the devolutionary markers I'm seeing under the illusion of everyday technology and habits of many, many people.

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    I just yesterday started to study about
    lactic acid bacteria. There's increasing amount of studies that show enteric bacterias role in all kind of health related things, mental health too as example 90 % of serotonin is created in bowel.

    I try to found out what bacteria strains would be most useful. L. Reuteri is one of them. Also what I found other good ones are:
    Lactobacillus acidophilus
    Lactobacillus rhamnosus
    Lactobacillus paracasei
    Bifidobacterium lactis

    Probably many more good ones. I've yet to found how much you should consume these.


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      I first heard about Lactobacillus Reuteri and Rhamnosus from this video:
      Your experience with larger testicles seems to be consistent with the video and the studies that he cites.
      Very interesting... I couldn't find Reuteri or Rhamnosus at any grocery stores or nutrition stores near me... didn't think of looking on Amazon! Might try this out...

      The studies also found that Reuteri had the effect on testicle size, while Rhamnosus affected the brain's stress response. Would be curious to hear if anyone has experience with Rhamnosus.
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        You would need a refrigerated package with live cultures to get any benefits I'm sure.
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          I used to take the stuff made by BioGaia; not sure I got much out of it. Then again, I eat copious amounts of fermented vegetables; which I highly recommend to everyone.


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            I can share my experience with lactobaccillus reuteri. I make yogurt seeded with the BioGaia tablets with orders of magnitude more bacteria count than the tablets alone and as long as you keep a quantity to seed the next batch you don’t need to keep buying the tablets. For about a month and a half I couldn’t really feel any difference, and the first couple days it turned my poop black, possibly due to initially overdoing it. I’ve been eating about the equivalent of a store bought single serving size twice a day. The last few weeks my libido has been through the roof and my last few erections during sex have been titanium hard. I’ve been focusing on my health and diet recently but that doesn’t account entirely for the recent sex drive and magically stiff woodies. This is just an anecdotal report but it does make a difference for me. You just need to be patient.
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              I found some online and gonna order it . Wanna see how it works


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                I was curious to check this post out, I've been taking pro-biotics for a few weeks now and it seems the one I'm taking got all the ingredients you guys listed.


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                  I've ordered some, took the first caps today. Will update in a week with an update