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Science, Method, and Surrounding Issues of Penis Enlargement Explained

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  • Science, Method, and Surrounding Issues of Penis Enlargement Explained

    Haha: Warning! extreme Daisy-Chaining. If you would like to skip around this explosion of mental diarrhea, please visit the finished product here:
    Mechanically Activated Stretch Reflex (M.A.I.R) Exercises

    Hello to all! It has been a very longtime since I have posted anything or contributed to the noise of this place. I have decided to do so after a very long hiatus. I do not do so for the sake of “just because”. I have very interesting bit of research to bring to bear for the Pegym and its many members.

    I wish to bring everybody's attention to smooth muscle hypertrophy. Most people who are in bodybuilding or weight lifting circles throw around “hypertrophy”, “bulging biceps” and other similar terms.

    Most people do not understand a few very interesting things about hypertrophy. Most people know that muscle hypertrophy contributes to increases inmuscle size. Most people also know that this increase in muscle size is due to an increase in contractile units, although fewer know that.Most people do not always realize that this increase is also due to an increase in overlaps in the myosin and tropomysin (thick and thinfilaments) in the muscle. Basically hypertrophy is not just an increase in girth, it is also an increase in length.

    Yes, I did say length. This fact is very much overlooked and it will start to make sense why it is so important later on in this awesome post!

    Bulging biceps!Everybody has wanted them at some point! How many know that it came about by a progressive remodeling of practically millions of fascial wrappings around the muscle? Few meat heads I would imagine. I know I didn't at first until I dropped about a thousand on biological textbooks, articles, and interviewed a few doctors LOL!

    I digress!

    Specifically the muscle expanded despite the Endomysium around the main thing people would consider the Biceps “muscle”, then thousands of perimysiums wrappings around the fasicles, and then millions of endomysiums around the individual muscle fibers, and then even more structures further down and smaller than that!

    Despite not knowing that, it happens anyway.

    This is a penis enlargement forum, so let's draw the focus in a bit more and talka bout smooth muscle.

    Smooth muscle is much like skeletal muscle in that It has thick and thin filaments. It differs in that it does not have tropomysin. This is not totally relevant to the discussion however, but it is a difference.

    Smooth muscle differs greatly from skeletal however, in the arrangement, and how it has myosin heads along its entire length. What that means, is unlike skeletal muscles that lose contractile power past a certain length,smooth muscle retains its ability to contract, even at maximum stretch! This is an incredibly important fact. It means that even when really stretched it maintains strength. What exactly does that mean? What it means, is that smooth muscle is meant for a very special task. That task is to allow total relaxation(full lengthening) and still maintain power.Something also, that is very important about smooth muscle, as I previously mentioned, is how it is arranged. Skeletal muscles are arranged in a parallel fashion and allow for contraction in one direction.

    Smooth muscle's fiber arrangement, however, is diagonal.Geometrically speaking, when considering multiple fibers connecting together, when the contract or relax, it represents big three dimensional changes in whatever structure smooth muscle is present in. Another interesting note, is that the smooth muscle is arranged around a nucleus, that allows for direct and rapid action in response to stimuli through DNA and RNA coding that could represent any number of things based on that stimuli. In order to not get way way too technical and off topic I will not go into the actions of DNA or RNA.
    Basically,suffice to say that smooth muscle needs to be able to adapt tochanges quickly, and it does.

    Back to the arrangement of the smooth muscle fibers, when the fibers relax or contract it produces a twisting motion that causes three dimensional contraction. This is important to note, in consideration to the corpus cavernosum of the penis. Contraction of the corpus causes a shrinking of the girth of the penis and the length of the penis. This is due to the actions of the smooth muscle and its three dimensional constricting on behalf of its diagonal fiber arrangement. Basically,smooth muscle are pretty damn neat LOL!

    But what does that mean for the penis and the endeavors of enlarging it? Huh. Good question. One that has stumped me for years until recently. Many many people kept popping up all of the internet telling about hanging and its awesome effects of the penis, and then many more talking about horrible scarring and impotence(ill tell you how to avoid that by the way haha), but also there was talk of an increase in girth in some people. Odd at first, until we go back to smooth muscle and its fiber arrangement and its twisting movement when it relaxes and contracts which causes three dimensional changes. Basically the pulling forces on the penis is causing a hypertrophic effect in the smooth muscle,and the hypertrophy leads to a change in the collagenous wrappings and structures in response to smooth muscle growth much like the fascial wrappings around skeletal muscles. All of this leads up to the guy pulling down his pants and a woman's reaction varying anywhere between very turned on to fear at the size! Why does this happen? The pulling causes the smooth muscle to relax and constrict which eventually causes an increase in smooth muscle mass.It should be noted though that long sessions are a bad idea and that mimicking the actions of the heart beat may be may be a good idea.Basically do short bursts of pulling and the let it constrict back again and then repeat. A good example would be 10 seconds pull and 5 seconds slowly ease the pressure to none.

    Well now hold on!What about the Tunica Albuginea. That wrapping is one tough piece of work, but also a marvelous structure that accounts for growth in three dimensions. The tunica albuginea is comprised of a circumferential inner part, that resists an increase in circumference(girth) and an out longitudinal layer that resists increases in length. What is very interesting about the two, is that they are unable to function without the other in making a rigid structure that is an erection. You see, the inner layer is unable to properly resist lengthening forces, just as the outer layer is unable to properly resist forces perpendicular to itself(girth in other words). Lets say that a man only had the inner layer. He would first off have a very floppy penis that was very long. Now lets say that this same man had the opposite, in that he had the outer layer but not the inner layer. He would have a short but very very fat penis.


    Consider the fiber arrangement for a moment. The inner layer resists forces circumferentially, and the outer layer longitudinal forces. Why arrange them in that fashion? I am still not totally sure of that,but I do know how it can be exploited! When the penis smooth muscle relaxes it untwists and increases greatly in length and girth. This is where it all gets really exciting!!! Hypertrophy is considered an

    increase in the number of contractile units in skeletal muscle, but in smooth muscle its and increase in LENGTH more than GIRTH due to it having much more thin filaments than thick filaments!This is a huge connection that has just been made to smooth muscle hypertrophy caused by high blood pressure and penis enlargement! In blood vessels when the smooth muscle is exposed to the higher pressures the fibers become bigger and allow the smooth muscle cells to increase in size and power. In the case of health, this is usually a good thing that, but in the case of high blood pressure other things come into play are brought about by the smooth muscle cell. In the case of high blood pressure and I also believe penis enlargement when done too vigorously, is that the smooth muscle starts to increase the size of its endomysium layers around each cell in response to the constant pressure forces in high blood pressure and in response to the possibly over the top penis enlargement routine,and also more than likely done on a far too regular basis.

    What does this mean?? Im sure that the smart ones in the bunch have already started to figure it out, for everybody else, let me spell it out.

    Doing a penis enlargement routine that has adequate breaks planned in, along with an appropriate amount of stimuli will go along way to a bigger penis.

    Now, to address something that has just plain annoyed and bothered me for so long.

    JELQING. Where in the hell does that come into play, seriously.

    It did not make sense until a few weeks ago.

    Basically one of the key tenets to increasing wound healing and reducing scar tissue build up, or in the case of smooth muscle, endomysium build up, is providing messaging stimulation,increasing blood flow, and yes folks heat. Not to mention a plethora of other chemicals that modulate and bring about structural changes.

    I want to touch on heat real quickly though. One of the most abundant types of collagen coincides with one of the most abundant types of muscle...smooth muscle.

    The most abundant collagen type is type one. Collagen fiber type 1 is also unstable at body temperature(makes up the tunica albuginea *COUGH*). This means that I can be broken down with an ever so slight increase in body temperature. Ever felt the aches when you temperature rises? Those aches are due to collagen breakdown in response to just a minuscule two degree change in body temperature. Wicked right? It gets even better!
    The increase in temperature also causes an increase in cell permeability, local cellular metabolism, increased blood flow, and you guessed it growth!Everything coincides nicely in that regard.

    I hope for those out there that have been paying attention, that everything that I have just said has definitively proven penis enlargement is not only possible, but also about to get very exciting now that I have cleared things up. Applying just this information here will no doubt put anybody paying attention miles ahead of the game!

    Here is one last little note, on the topic of certain medical penis enlargement.Dihydrotestosterone. It is responsible for not only smooth muscle hypertrophy, but also the increased temperature in the penis that causes growth. When testosterone is converted into Dihydrotestosterone in the penis it causes, you guessed it, an increase in temperature. When people take things that increase the enzymes that convert dihydrotestosterone or do physical activities that increase its need or production(sprint,running, dopamine stimulators-green tea *COUGH*)they often get a thicker penis. This happens because the heat first affects the inner circumferential layer of the tunica albuginea increasing its breakdown and local cellular metabolism, which makes the inner tunica much more responsive to pressure, leading to increased girth. The increase in smooth muscle hypertrophy that occurs also accounts for the increased erectile hardness, which comes together for a real one two for penis enlargement.

    How should all of this be implemented? I am glad you asked.

    Make a penis workout plan that is stretch heavy, that also incorporates very lower erection jelqing to move blood around inside the penis and provide messaging stimuli. Also if you are not running or drinking green tea,or not working out, you may want to reconsider. Next if you are taking a lot of vitamin C, I would suggest sticking with only the daily allotted value as it will make penis enlargement endeavors areal pain to see gains in. Any questions, please ask away. I am sure there will be a lot of them and even more stories of success brought about by what I have just posted.

    Cheers to all, and I swear to God if somebody tries to steal this information and make a fellow man pay for it, I can only hope that the whole endeavor blows up in your face for being such a selfish money hungry prick.

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    This was such a brilliant post! Hopefully with this information, some of the more scientifically-minded members can tease out a few more things from it that will help with gains

    I think I will have to read over this a few more times to understand it all. Thanks for doing all of this research.
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      Brilliant and over well laid out.
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        Blew my mind excellent read I had to go over twice and will probably read it again.
        She came, I saw, my penis conquered!

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        End goal
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          So vitamin C is bad for jelqing? How is this?
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            The kidd, well done it was a well written fascinatng post!
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              first of all to all, thank you and to watersnake, it is not bad. it is rather important to maintaining strength in joints, tendons, and pretty much ANY structure that uses collagen as structural support. suffice to say the entire body uses collagen, and likewise vitamin C. it is very good to have, but just like any good thing, when there is too much it will cause an imbalance to occur, that may present itself as either stiffness, scarring, or difficulty in obtaining stretch gains such as in a workout plan. while structural strength is a good thing, there should be appropriate give to those structures. collagen type one does provide this, but my main worry is that in certain populations there may be an overabundance in the diet, which could lead to changes in the chemical environment in collagenous structures that could possibly prevent its normal behavior in response to heat. Hope that clears up what i mean.


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                What an excellent and refreshing post kidd!

                So now kidd, in your studied opinion does hanging with weights have an advantage over manual stretching. Or could manual stretching done in pulsatile fashion provide sufficient stimulation.

                Now your information does not include the topic of ligaments and tendons, which is such focus of discussion in regards to stretching for length. I understand that the point you are making involves smooth muscle hypertrophy and resulting increases in length and girth due to the overall increase in smooth muscle mass, I like this direction more than ligament stretching btw. Care to postulate some?


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                  Might as well add your thoughts on extenders and pumps as well


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                    Well many of the cases i have looked describe basically the same information on the topic of hanging and manual stretching, and that is, a huge focus on the plastic deformation of collagenous structures. this however made almost no sense to me whenever i looked into collagens response to stretching. you see when collagen is stretched to a certain point, it experiences catastrophic failure and snaps! in other words injury. BUT, when taking into account the fact that collagen is unstable at body temperature, whenever stress is placed upon collagen it would cause it to heat up ever so slightly. think of a spoon bending or stretching a rubber band repeatedly. this causes frictional heat. this small rise in temperature would be pointless if not for the fact that at 98.6 degrees fahrenheit collagen is already at a temperature higher than than its denaturing point. Denaturing is the process by which collagen unspindles, since collagen is a three roped protein that is spun together and all of the places to break it down are on the inside of the protein, when slightly heated up, it unfurls and begins to be broken down by protases already floating around in the extracellular matrix or released by none other than smooth muscle. The dynamic relationship between collagen and smooth muscle is much much more profound than that, but its super heavy on chemistry and way outside of the scope of the discussions at present. however i still must address a secondary effect caused by the increase in heat brought about by local cellular environment and friction. When the temperature rises, it represents an exchange of energy taking place. the smooth muscle cells absorb that energy and its metabolism is thus sped up and begins to remodel its endomysium(cellular wrapping) and the extracellular matrix that it is inside of or around. What does all that mean?

                    It means hanging does not plastic deform. it heats things up. any stimuli heats things up, and makes everything more pliable and based on that stimuli, things begin to change. when hanging or manual stretching, it produces localized rises in temperature and then an increase in cellular metabolism which leads to smooth muscle hypertrophy and drastic changes in the collagen structures in that area.

                    What are my thoughts on extenders and pumps?

                    I honestly think that extenders are a bad idea, due to the need to be worn for extended periods of time. the light pressure they present would cause smooth muscle to relax and contract against a force, which would cause hypertrophy no different than pumping iron, but if overdone(same for manual stretching and pumping but ill get to that) it would cause a big change in the collagen structure and extracellular matrix. this change is usually a huge increase in the amount of collagen, in much the same way in the case of high blood pressure. Also, the continued pressure, if too much may lead to a deposition of calcium, as also seen in high blood pressure/ atherosclerosis.

                    my final thoughts on extenders, is that from a structural standpoint in the case of the penis, it is important to remember that nerves run very proximal to the skin. this gives us guys a great sense of pleasure to be sure, but it also makes it rather susceptible to injury. Most extenders use a strap or other constrictive measures to hold the penis in place. this can and will lead to a decreased blood flow past the point where the strap goes over the penis, as well as a possible strangling effect on the nerves, seen similar to impingement that could lead to damage. There are extenders that form a vacuum on the head of the penis, but because of the amount of time that the extender must be worn, it could lead to chronic swelling in the penis head, which would eventually lead to callouses, loss of sensation, discoloration, and much much more unsightly or unbeneficial changes.

                    Now, as for my opinion of pumps, i believe they are actually an extremely effective tool when utilized correctly. What i mean by that is a person must consider its effects on tissues. Vacuums work in a similar fashion to the penis smooth muscle. You see, when the penis relaxes it forms a vacuum that begins to draw blood into the corpus chambers. penis vacuums force the smooth muscles of the corpus to be stretched out to its full potential by means of drawing air out of the pump cylinder, which draws blood into the penis. It is also the reason many say they are able to make the penis much larger in the chamber of the pump. i have experienced this, and have experienced a very large increase in erectile potency when i use the pump in the following manner. I pump up to about 3-5 hg and let it stay in the chamber for around 10 minutes. i also make sure that i can feel the heart beat in my penis ever so slightly. i would do that about three times for a total of a thirty minute session. I would do that about once every two days to allow for healing. i found when i went past thirty minutes edema would start to collect under the skin. the greatest thing about penis pumps is also the worst if not done correctly. if too much pressure is used it leads to edema and local changes in collagen and extra-cellular matrix similar to high blood pressure changes in blood vessels. these changes describe the fact that some long time pump users experience erectile dysfunction and if far too over done, a shrunken inelastic penis.

                    I hope this help some.

                    Also, i hope the frictional heat in response to stretching answers questions concerning tendons and ligaments.
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                      On the issue of heat and jelqing, would it be a good idea to use a heat pad intermittently while jelqing?
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                        yes, it would be a good idea to keep the area warmed.


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                          Thanks for the great reply to my questions Kidd! Love your passion for knowledge and sharing!


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                            I would at this time also wish to let everybody know my current research agenda. i will not unveil it right at the moment, but i will tell of a direction that i plan to go in. I a currently looking into Davis' Law. i have heard it mentioned before in a physical rehabilitation and injury clinic setting. i have also seen some mention of it by some of the current members. In the present i am looking into both history and current issues that deal in matters concerning Davis' Law and its Brother Wolf's Law. I believe it is not the first time that such knowledge has been discovered. i believe the ancient Egyptians and their genuinely advanced society once stumbled upon it...and yes they did use it; They used it in much the same manner as we seek to...penis enlargement. There have been hieroglyphs found of men with massive phalluses having sex with commonplace women who are not even close to ideal. the part about commonplace women is important, as Egyptians also had pornography from what i have read, but they were also incessant documenters of knowledge. I will be experimenting in the area, as i believe my research is perhaps an extension of the body of knowledge the ancients stumbled upon. Any who are interested and wish to carry on private conversations concerning this matter need only send me a message. i truly believe i am about to uncover perhaps a groundbreaking piece of knowledge concerning principles related to Davis' Law, Progressive Overload, Hypertrophy of smooth muscle, and much much more. Please Stay tuned and tell your friends to keep an eye on this page. if i can have it my way, i will make history on this very PAGE/THREAD!

                            ALSO-it still stands. i find any of my research on a pay website, i will do everything in my power to shut it down and make sure this body of knowledge stays free. I wish to see all men benefit from my research, and not merely the rich or privileged. Knowledge is the only true currency and i intend to hand over to the masses hand over fist!
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                              I have always been interested in the history of jelqing.
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