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Anyone have success with lg hanger?

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  • Anyone have success with lg hanger?

    Has anyone had any success with lg hanger? I switched from bib hanger years ago and have never made a single gain. I keep convincing myself it will come but now I have to realize itís insanity to Think this way.

    I now read in another forum how they havenít had any success with lg and read nobody else has neither.

    I donít like the fact it feels like more pressure is pulling on the glans then the tunica and I feel this can cause an injury if it hasnít already.

    Iím thinking of switching back to bib which i shouldíve done a long time ago.

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    I gained a 1/2 inch in 5 months with the LG combined with manual work .
    Needless to say I really like my LG .


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      In my research, there are at least 15 people who have gained with vacuum hangers. Please click on the link below:

      Did you find out? How many PE forum members have gained with hanger devices such as Malehanger, Silistretcher, LengthMaster Hanger, Size Doctor Hanger, P-Hanger and Total Man Compression Hanger?
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        One issue I always seem to have with the lg is with the heavier weight it always seems to lose its suction maybe. But with the heavier weight after about 10íminutes I can see wrinkles in the wrap as if itís squishing my glans