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Penis Weight Hanging: Technique Tips & Turkey-neck

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  • Penis Weight Hanging: Technique Tips & Turkey-neck

    Penis Weight Hanging: Technique Tips & Turkey-neck

    Regardless of whether these ideas are covered elsewhere, these are all worthwhile, review-worthy hanging concepts. Especially in the case of Turkey-neck, there's quite a bit of misinformation & contradicting views on the penis enlargement (PE) forums out there on the web. I've researched the subject of Turkey-neck & I think I finally have some worthwhile conclusions. This article covers:
    1-Penis Weight Hanging: Technique Tips
    2-Penis Weight Hanging: Turkey-neck (Prevention & Correction)

    1-Penis Weight Hanging: Technique Tips

    Bib Hanger Gel Insets: A Small Warning:
    If you remove the Gel Insets from your Bib Hanger, be aware that they wont just 'stick back in' on their own. I contemplated trying hanging with no gel insets & now my gel hangs loose (I didn't even completely remove it). If you do pull out the Gel insets, I am sure Bib can re-attach it for you (if you change your mind). However, you're going to miss a lot of hang-time and waste some cash on shipping & any other associated repair costs.

    Bib does sell a hardcore version of his hanger without Gel Insets; it might actually be better just to buy a 2nd device (so you don't have to stop hanging because you don't like it without the gel insets).

    Hanging Without a Wrap:
    Before you try hanging without gel insets at all, you can try hanging without a wrap instead. Be very careful--don't crush your penis in the hinge or let the screws rub your penis (very unpleasant). If you can't take hanging without a wrap, there's a chance you can't take hanging without the gel insets either.

    The Wrap (Keep Experimenting):
    Keep in mind things do change--if you hang for a year or longer, your preferences will possibly change as you experiment and as your tissue conditioning changes & improves. I was surprised to find recently that I like hanging with Thera-band only. I tried this early on & it caused way too much pain. I may go back to HTW + What-A-Grip + Thera-band again at some point, but for now I'm just using Thera-band.

    Hanger Settings (Keep Experimenting):
    I have noticed that without a slight toe-in adjustment my hanger tends to slip. I have also noticed that without enough weight my hanger likes to twist. Things have surely gotten substantially easier--I was fighting a hard twist for the first few months of hanging but I have noticed my penis is finally hanging straight (mostly).

    Hanger Twisting:
    My penis only twists if I strip the weight to very light levels (2.5lbs or less). Anything over 2.5lbs & my penis hangs straight. My penis does naturally point left (and my left nut hangs lower). I read in another post somewhere that this is a normal thing that:
    1-one testicle naturally hangs lower than the other so they don't get smashed when you're walking
    2-normally the penis favors the side (points to the side) where the nut hangs lower

    My point is that most guys have a penis that points slightly one way or the other. Another theory is that this is caused by masturbation (who knows?). Regardless of the cause a lot of guys do start out with hanger twisting issues. Here's a few tips:
    1-Don't let your urethra twist more than 45 degrees if possible. Especially if you're new to hanging since your urethra most likely can't take much stress. Even after a lot of hanging experience your urethra still wont be that strong. We know with slow careful development the urethra can stretch or grow though--one example of this is the bundled stretch.
    2-wider hanging skid settings means a more stable hanger. if you're twisting, increasing the width of your bib hanger can help.
    3-wider hanger skid settings may require more wrapped flaccid girth. You may need a few extra passes of Thera-band, or a good under-wrap to fill the gap with the increased hanger width.

    Hanger Slipping:
    While hanging, your penis will stretch further & further. This combined with the pressure of the hanger will push the blood out of your penis during the course of a set. As your penis gets 'thinner' or more stretched out, you'll have to tighten the hanger. I think this is always most extreme during my first set, but I do find that to some extent it happens every set. If it's not happening each set, perhaps you're not taking long enough breaks (10 minutes) or properly restoring your circulation during your breaks (dangerous / potentially counter-productive).

    Pressure on the Glans:
    If you feel too much pressure on your glans you probably did one of two things wrong
    1-You forgot to squeeze out the blood before you tightened the hanger. Even after I tighten the hanger my glans slightly 're-inflate'. If I forget to squeeze some blood out, I can tell because I feel too much pressure on my glans when I tighten the hanger or attach the weight.
    2-Too much toe-in: when my settings have too much "toe-in" I feel either too much attachment point stress or my glans feel too much pressure.

    Too Much Pain the Wrong Place = Counterproductive
    Too much pressure on your glans will cause pain, & this is completely counter-productive. The stress needs to go to stretching out our skin & the internal structures of our penis including the tunica albuginea & suspensory ligaments. Our urethra, blood vessels, nerves and the soft tissues of our CS & CC's will just be along for the ride (these parts of the penis are easy to deform; or at least they are not really viewed as limiting factors).
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    Penis Weight Hanging: Turkey-neck (Prevention & Correction)

    2-Penis Weight Hanging: Turkey-neck (Prevention & Correction)

    Skin Stretch & Turkey-neck
    Early on while you're really working a skin stretch (if you've got tight skin & you're cut like me), you might not experience much growth (since skin will be acting as a limiting factor). Lately, since I can finally handle a thera-band wrap (with nothing else) I find it's great for a skin stretch, since my skin really sticks to it (as I said, that's painful early on, but now it doesn't bother me).

    Perhaps it helps that skin on the top of my shaft is no longer a limiting factor (I have had months to stretch it). By just using Thera-band & making sure it sticks to the skin on the bottom of my shaft in the right place I believe I'm going to be able to stimulate more skin growth under my shaft, even while I am hanging BTC. With my very average starting penis size, I don't have a whole lot of 'good skin' under my shaft to work with. The skin I really want to stretch is actually not too far behind my circumcision scar (there's probably less than a 1" area of skin that I really prefer to target). That's the key area of skin where you want to stress & stimulate growth.

    Since my flaccid was tiny most of my life, PE has allowed me to inspect myself a lot more effectively. My flaccid is not huge by any means, but my 4.3" flaccid hang (after my warmup today for example) is quite a bit bigger than my pre-pe 2"-3" flaccid. The key factor here is that pre-pe, I hardly had any shaft skin at all, including skin on the base of my shaft. Simply stated, there wasn't much of anything to inspect. My lack of good skin on the bottom of my shaft continues to be a problem.

    I believe Turkey-neck will be a difficult, ongoing battle but there's no doubt in my mind Turkey-neck is
    2-curable (assuming your skin is still somewhat tight)

    Fix Turkeyneck By Targeting the Right Skin
    I have grown the skin on top of my shaft, there's no reason it can't be done on the bottom side. I think the downfall or reason guys just make their Turkey-neck worse is that they target the wrong skin on the bottom of their shaft. As I said before, the target skin you want to stretch is right behind the circumcision scar (at least in my case). In my case, I have very little 'good' skin under my shaft to work with; it doesn't even extend a full 1". For example, if I pull down on my balls, even the skin 1.5" below the circumcision scar appears to look like a 'Turkey-neck' (this is only visible while pulling down on my scrotum skin though).

    As long as you grow the right skin, there's no reason Turkey-neck can't be corrected--but be sure to give yourself a careful, serious inspection. If you're like me, you might not even know what the skin under your shaft looks like (because of a small flaccid, whatever).

    Turkeyneck Manual Stretch
    I believe turkeyneck can be fixed with a manual stretch also. This is nothing new, lots of guys have observed this.
    1-find where your 'good' shaft skin is. If you're like me this might be a very small area, perhaps only 1/8" to 1/2" in size. Confirm you've got the right spot by pulling down on your balls while they are loose & observe where on the bottom of your shaft that the turkeyneck does not extend...
    2-put one hand above & one hand below your target skin area.
    3-stretch it--
    4-be patient--it can take weeks & months to stretch skin

    How Hangers Can Correct Turkey-neck (OTS/SU/SO + Wrap Balls)
    The concept of correcting Turkey-neck is clear: we must target, stress, & grow the right skin on the bottom of our shaft. Whether that 'good' skin is a 1/16" or 2" area, each person must figure out where that skin is (as described above). Use a Thera-band only wrap & make sure it's making contact with that 'good' bottom shaft skin.

    Just wrap the normal way, but make sure the Thera-band 'sticks' to your target skin. With each pass make sure the skin is taught under the Thera-band wrap (if this is not done the skin might 'stick' in the wrong place). Now if you're hanging SD/ BTC this is about all you can do. You might not feel much here at these angles.

    At higher angles (SU, SO, OTS) you can wrap your balls, either with one of those S&M leather ball wraps or by another means. Once again, the goal is simply to stress the right target area of skin on your bottom shaft. It may take weeks or months, be patient eventually it will stretch.

    As a final note, make sure you moisturize your penis well when skin stretching (cocoa butter, vitamin E lotion, EVO oil, whatever). On my top shaft skin it was easy, since the skin was exposed & I could moisturize it during my sets. I believe this helped me prevent skin cracking (something guys seem to frequently get with hanging, especially when they don't moisturize enough).

    Stretching the skin on top of my shaft & keeping it moisturized was easy. However, I believe the challenge will be more difficult with the bottom shaft skin since the skin is hidden under my Thera-band wrap (and I can't effectively moisturize there during my sets).

    Avoid Creating More Turkey-neck
    Once you start working on Turkey-neck issues you'll have to carefully monitor your progress to make sure your efforts are helping & not making things worse. My biggest fear with wrapping my balls is that somehow I'll stretch the skin on my balls (scrotum) instead of the bottom of my shaft (or that I will simply stretch the 'wrong' shaft skin towards the base of my shaft & make things even worse). Some hangers like Bib have been very successful in correcting Turkey-neck.

    Once I learn more, I will elaborate further & give more specific instructions on correcting Turkey-neck. Here's another article that attempts to explain Bib's method of wrapping to avoid / correct Turkey-neck while hanging SD/ BTC:
    Bib's Turkey-Neck Correcting Wrap (for SD & BTC Angles)

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    Hanging Theory:
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      I'm still trying to find the answers when it comes to turkey-neck, so I welcome any further discussion, criticism or debate on this topic especially.
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        Has anyone tried this for getting rid of turkey-neck?
        blink, you are saying that you could get rid of turkey neck by stretching the normal skin, which would move the turkey neck would 'move down' the shaft?
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          I can't really make an intelligent comment here since I don't hang yet, but if your target is to stretch the "good" skin...shouldn't the wrap stop where the good skin starts (starts meaning as you make contact wrapping down) then have a gap where that good skin is, followed by wrapping balls (or skin beneath)? Therefore when hanging all of the pressure is being applied to the ideal location? Forcing the stress directly to the area where skin is NOT being held in place with Theraband. Hopefully this doesn't sound to absurd, however an explanation would be appreciated.
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            Bib starter / Bib hanger

            I have Bib starter , I was wondering if Bib hanger would fit better and cause less bruising and dis-coloring i am 6.5x5