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    How well does it work for hanging?
    Goal: Huge


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      If you're getting blisters, it means that you're missing a very critical step when putting it on. Just before inserting the tip, squeese the ball a little bit so that the diaphragm bulges outwards. This eliminates any air pockets from existing between the diaphragm and the sluice. If you fail to do this step, an air pocket will form between the diaphragm and the sluice and a large vaccuum will form in this void - causing blisters. If you read the instructions, they tell you to squeeze the ball 3/4 of the way when attatching to the glans chamber - this is to leave enough "pump" in the ball the bulge out the diaphragm and push air pockets out from behind the sluice.

      I got blisters on my very first use, and once I added this crutial step I never had a problem again..

      Also, I recommend using Astroglide Gel instead of the comfort and care cream - it will go on much easier for you!

      Originally posted by ositobuenagente View Post
      No matter what I do I still get blisters everytime! I use almost no vacuum, as I'm using your tip to push it through.
      Also, the skin just before the glans also gets really hurt!

      I also have a feeling that when I use the rod extender I don't feel it pushing, like pushing the ligs, just stretching the skin.
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      • #63 well does this work for hanging?
        Goal: Huge


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          Originally posted by Gravik View Post
 well does this work for hanging?
          I dont think is was intended for hanging, but they have a demo lab test video on their website with a guy hanging at 7.2kg for 30 seconds. Then they changed the weight for 1.25kg for 1 hour non stop . The normal force used in application is 1100grams and they only did the test at 7.2kg , to show its capability at an extreme weight.


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            I wanted to put this in the Penimaster Pro Group "Tips & Tricks" section, however at this time the feature to paste in a photo from a computer is not available, as it is here in the "reply to thread" features.
            Hey Control, can you adjust that ?

            poor photo from a cheap camera, of the chamber mod so a user can attach a penis pump to the chamber:


            later in time, I shortened it up, removed excess tubing.
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              Great reviews and tips. I'm very intrigued by this product now.


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                hi all,

                so far i'm getting a good feeling about the penimaster pro but lastly wanted to get your feedback on the device, how has the gains been so far?


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                  Wow I just had my first hour session with my new penimaster pro....pff I was shocked when I took it off...a severe purple black swollen with some white blister on my glans, that looked so nasty...

                  Luckily I wasn't to scared about it and after some minutes it looked already better, what's left now after an hour is the soft white color difference on a part of the glans. But I did thought of what if I would kept it on for 4 hours would I still have a glans lollll (I used a lot of extra sucking to get it in)

                  I now read back this thread and the great tip of donjelqer and I'm sure everything will be fine now. But I do think they should pay way more attention on this in the instruction...they should throw in a extra red paper that says these instructions and what might happen and also list that you should just try 30 minutes first.

                  But to end this post possitive I can recommend this equipment to's so easy to use after watching the isntructions cd, and after an hour I already felt this has to work


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                    Oke just tried another session, I'm getting so frustrated it seems I can never get my glans in in one's so tight... and when I try to force press it then my glans is getting even bigger...hate this shit when I can't get it done right away...gonna try and try will update about technique.

                    Ok after so many tries and watching the video again and again I visited the website, turns out they have a XL lock membrame and they say it comes with penimaster pro package but quess what nothing is in there... just got 5 extra regulars.
                    The video states that you should just press the glans without any force and then it should be sucked in, super easy... not much technique involved... right now I can get it only in for 75% if I press the pump totally (which is not correct)

                    So I'm gonna order the xl set...hate waiting.
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                      After reading the review I ordered one myself to replace my cheap extender from ebay, it is extremely comfortable. I also use a bathmate and will be honest that I have been restoring my foreskin for more than a year with great results, it helps with extending for sure. I can say that the last 5 weeks with the pmp I have already seen better gains, I won't bother talking length as I didn't photo, but I'm bpel 7.5 now, and damn sure that when I started I was .25in shorter 5 weeks ago. I have seen gains through the last year of an inch. Would have been better had I started with the pmp for sure.

                      I got into ball stretching as well to go with restoring my foreskin as I was cut tight, and maybe some of the cut guys have realized that the lack of foreskin and extra scrotal skin can really hinder full on size achievements when extending, from the scrotal work and restoring the foreskin I gained about an inch alone the last year, I believe it was simply that I finally had the slack to grow out.

                      Stretching foreskin and extending with pumping = gains + for cut guys for sure.

                      For anyone thinking of the PMP its a solid buy, well constructed and I can wear it for hours without issues. I would buy it again if anything happened to the one I have now.


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                        To Mike83 - I have the pump but also ordered the hose, to be totally honest, I didn't get far with the pump ball. I tried a few times, then went straight to the hose and had no problems. Maybe you can find a hose that can be used in place of the ball and see if it works out.


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                          Man, I bulk out the diagram by giving it a squeesh before just cannot bulk out further I suck my dick in with my new xl sleeves and I look after 30 minutes and again my glans is white on several spots, blister indication... I'm trying now for so many days... I know im not doing anything wrong, here is a picture is this normal I don't think so...
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                            Your picture shows a little edema - this is normal for any vacuum device. Actually, as you become more used to it and your glans grow a little bit from the constant vacuum, you should find that the edema gets less pronounced.

                            A vacuum blister looks like a fluid filled sack (like any other blister). I have had a couple before and they are very clear - small ones almost look like a perfect drop of water they are so clear. I think you're ok, just continue to do as you are doing now by paying close attention and adjusting your time as necessary
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                              Thanks for your reaction really appreciate it because now you give me insight to move on and try to keep it on for at least a bit more then a hour.
                              Another question I have is that the edge of my glans really gets sucked outside its natural form and all around it looks very ugly when pulled out of the vacuum chamber. Do you think by extending everyday this will permantly change your glans? (which means makes it ugly) I think my glans looks very good by itself don't want my edge being all pulled like you see on the picture..right now it has setled itself back.
                              Thanks again!


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                                While Penimaster claims that wearing the Pro will enlarge the glans, I don't believe that the permanent enlargement will be anywhere near as pronounced as it is when you first remove the glans from the chamber. At least that was the case for me
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