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  • Private Gym Founder - Information, Q & A

    Dear PEGym Members,

    My name is David Mandell, and I am the co-founder of The Private Gym - - the first FDA registered pelvic muscle exercise program for men. We are brand new to the market and have been getting a great response to program from all over the world. It is a pleasure to meet you, and I am very much looking forward to being an active part of the community. I am not only here to answer questions about our program, but I am also very interested in learning more about the PE community and getting involved in helping the cause.

    At the Private Gym, we have a simple mission - - to provide men with safe an natural ways to improve their sexual performance and health through exercise. As many of you know, one of the most important and often neglected areas of the body are the the pelvic muscles, which are responsible for supporting and controlling the penis, bladder, and prostate. These muscles also serve as the foundation for enlargement. Here is an analogy. Imagine buying a new Corvette only to find it has a 100 horsepower engine under the hood. The powerful looks of that classic machine won’t seem so impressive anymore. When you step on the gas, it barely gets out of the starting block.

    The same principles are true for male enhancement. If you’re focused on enhancing your penis, but you aren’t doing anything to strengthen the muscles “under the hood,” then you won’t reach your full potential.

    Pelvic muscle exercise is an often-neglected aspect of male enhancement. The pelvic muscles power the penis. They are the “sexual engine” of the male body. When engaged, the pelvic muscles force blood into the penis and allow it to be held in longer, creating a rock hard erection.

    Unfortunately, the pelvic muscles are weak to begin with and get weaker with age. If they are not properly strengthened and maintained over time, they will not be capable of creating and sustaining forceful erections. Weak pelvic muscles also lead to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and even incontinence.

    Until now, there hasn’t been a well-designed program to strengthen the male pelvic muscles. Our team at The Private Gym was the first to do it. Created by the world’s leading urologists, physiotherapists, and sexual health educators, The Private Gym is like having a personal trainer for your pelvic muscles. We like to say that The Private Gym is like “CrossFit” or “P-90x” for the penis.

    So how does it work? The Private Gym uses progressive exercise training and incorporates resistance to maximize pelvic muscle growth. The program begins with “Basic Training,” which provides a series of expertly designed, pelvic muscle exercises - - also know as “Kegel exercises.” After achieving initial pelvic muscle strength, the program adds resistance training with the Private Gym’s patented, ergonomically designed weighted resistance ring. Placed on the erect penis and lifted up and down, the Private Gym’s revolutionary resistance equipment provides just the right amount of resistance to create significant pelvic muscle growth.

    At the end of the day, male enhancement isn’t just about making your penis larger - - it’s about creating a fuller, harder, and all around stronger penis capable of longer lasting sex and better performance. To accomplish this, you need to incorporate an effective pelvic muscle exercise program into your training.

    To learn more about The Private Gym, go to

    Finally, just a bit more about me. My background is not in medicine or sexual health. But it was through the process of experimenting with Kegel exercises and working with the team to develop the Private Gym that I learned much more about my body. I also realized - - as men - - we often know so little about our sexual function and sexual health. I also realized that men have so few resources when it comes to sexual health. I often quote Paul Nelson, sexual educator and member of The Private Gym Medical Advisory Board, “men get all of the drugs and none of the therapy, while women get all of the therapy and none of the drugs.” For men, there are so few resources, so few people to talk to. This has become my passion and a driving force behind the mission of The Private Gym as a company - - to expand the conversation about men’s sexual health, to encourage men to talk about sexual health, to get men more connected to their sexual health through exercise, and to provide all natural solutions to many of the sexual problems that affect men as they age. This is why I am excited to be part of this forum and community.

    Thank you for welcoming me. I am happy to answer any questions at any time.

    Best regards, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    David Mandell
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    Welcome to the Gym!
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      your private gym dot com link is broken, by the way.
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        Hey David!

        Welcome to the Gym.

        Good luck with your product. I look forward to hearing positive reports from some of our members.
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          Originally posted by Toadstool View Post
          your private gym dot com link is broken, by the way.
          Link is now fixed.
          A real man never hurts a woman. The woman came out of a manís rib, not from his feet to be walked on, and not from his head to be superior, but from his side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved. - Mrs. workin_4_it


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            Glad to have you with us
            GOAL DIGGER !


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              Thanks so much!


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                It is a pleasure to be getting involved. Looking forward to getting everyone's feedback.


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                  Hey David, welcome!

                  Looks like an interesting device and program. Thanks for joining us, and bringing it here!
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                      Welcome to the Gym.
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                        Welcome to PEGym, David!
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                          Welcome Aboard, David!


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                            Private Gym Founder - Information, Q & A

                            I wanted to share the recent results from our preliminary clinical trial of the The Private Gym with everyone at PEGym. We're very pleased with the results and are preparing to move forward with a more expansive study.


                            Participants Demonstrated Improved Erectile Rigidity, Duration, Pleasure, and Confidence

                            Preliminary results of a four-month, groundbreaking clinical trial prove that weighted resistance training improves erectile function and dramatically strengthens the pelvic muscles in healthy men and men experiencing erectile dysfunction. The study extends to men the well-known research that Dr. Arnold Kegel conducted with resistance training of the female pelvic muscles.

                            Using the Private Gym for Men, the first FDA-registered exercise program aimed at strengthening the male pelvic muscles, study participants showed improved erectile strength and rigidity, orgasm intensity, ejaculatory control and force, as well as greater confidence in sexual performance.

                            Study Results Summary:

                            • 75% improved erectile rigidity and strength (25% greatly improved)
                            • 90% experienced heightened orgasm intensity
                            • 40% improved ejaculatory control (25% greatly improved)
                            • 75% improved ejaculatory force (12% greatly improved)
                            • 90% improved confidence in the bedroom/sexual performance (50% greatly improved)
                            • 60% experienced increased sexual pleasure (38% greatly improved)

                            The study also produced several new findings:

                            While it is well recognized that resistance training strengthens skeletal muscles, the study demonstrated that weighted resistance training also accelerates pelvic muscle growth and strength. The most significant improvements in erectile rigidity, ejaculatory control, and orgasm intensity occurred after the introduction of the Private Gymís patented resistance device into the training regimen.

                            For the first time, pelvic floor muscle training has been shown to improve erectile function in men without any symptoms of erectile dysfunction, supporting the conclusion that the Private Gym program improves sexual performance in healthy men.

                            Subjective measures indicated that study participants experienced improvement in sexual confidence and ability to please their partner. This finding further supports prior research regarding the positive impact of exercise on the human psyche and extends it to sexual performance.

                            For more details about the results of the clinical trial please visit The Private Gym Clinical Trial Results.

                            To learn more about The Private Gym for Men, visit Private Gym
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                              Thanks David! Interesting study, I will have a read over the full one during the week sometime. I am sure some of the guys have questions about your device, but one that I will open with is who is your product aimed towards? Can both young and old benefit from it? How much time a day/week do you need to dedicate to your program? When do you recommend doing it for best effect? How would you place it within a PE routine?
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