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    Before I ask questions here is my background in PE. Firstly my BPEL is 7 inch and my EG is 6.5 inch. I started PE in July 2010 and I began with JP's 90 day beginner routine. Within a few weeks I immediately began seeing some length gains. In the first two month I went from 6.7 to 7 inch. Im not sure if these are real gains or just improved EQ. Anyway after three months of the beginners routine I added some more advanced exercises such as bundled stretches and increased the intensity of the exercises. The problem is that since that first two months of PE I didn't have any gains. I lost motivation and after 5 months I stopped PE.

    I should also mention that I kept a detailed private log, always monitored my PI's and even took the supplements mentioned in other posts.

    I am looking to get back into some form of PE again. I am thinking of hanging or using an extender but will these really work with me? Or will going back to manual PE be best? Also is my EG stopping me from making any length gains?

    EG: 6.5"
    BPFSL: 7.5"
    NBPEL: 6.0"
    BPEL: 7.0"

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    Slow and steady wins the race - sounds like you were the hare in the race, not the turtle. There is no relationship between girth and length - you can target either. Search my threads and youll see my routine. Good luck!
    Concentrating on kingpole's Beginner to Advanced Beginner Routine
    Dec 1, 2010: BPEL 6.0"-- EG 6.5"
    Ultimate Goal: BPEL 8.0"-- EG 6.5" (plenty of girth already)
    Midasman's progress