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  • What worked for you best?

    Thought it might be nice to hear from everyone what made them gain the most,both for girth and lenght.
    Was it jelqing,stretching,pumping,clamping,a specific routinė etc...?

    Also how much did you gain using that technique or routine?

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    I'm happy with my length progress at the moment using a less intensive routine of stretching/jelqing (15min/day), pumping (10-20min/day) and hanging (1-3 20min, 9lb sets/day). I stretch and jelq every day and hang 5 days a week. I would do more but after work, cook dinner, help with homework, ride bike, work out and hang out for a few at the PE Gym there's little extra time. so far got about 3/8" in length and 1/8" girth in a little over a month


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      That is not a less intensive routine. That is heavy duty, be careful.
      Going an inch and 1/2 deeper than before


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        I realize that's a vague answer but I believe for most people that is the most valuable piece of advice I can offer. Patience is a close second!
        Starting: 1/14/12
        BPEL 7.25 x 4.75(both MEG & BEG)

        Update 4/15/14
        BPEL 7.75 x 5.25 MEG, 5.625 BEG

        BPEL 8.5 x 6.5+

        My log


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          Ive been doing JP90 with extra reps at night and during the day I find time to pump for about 15-20min and have been liking this a lot. Im much thicker all day and I think my penis is reacting to working out 2wice a day instead of once


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            Originally posted by BigO View Post
            That is not a less intensive routine. That is heavy duty, be careful.
            I consider it less intensive because I total about 3-4 hours/week of hanging. I am careful. Good PI's


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              Patience is what works best for me

              In your initial few months, it likely won't matter significantly what routine or exercises you do - your best gains will be in these first few months.
              After that you need patience and dedication. Significant permanent results take a lot of time!
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                In the beginning, jelqs and compound stretches. After that, isolation work. My findings- having or obtaining a high degree of EQ is vital to maximizing gains.
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                  Consistency. I haven't measured for girth lately, but I know it has gotten thicker. My GF has been coming a lot quicker these days. She says it feels thicker and she is going to start calling it "fatty". I have been using a new technique I came up with where I jelq, but slowly squeeze the head with the other hand to sent the blood back down. When I reach the end of the stroke, that hand becomes the new squeezer, and the other hand starts the new jelq stroke. The squeeze helps make the penis engorged with blood artificially as if starts to lose the partial erection. That way each stroke has the most blood in.

                  After about 50 jelqs this way, I switch to V-jelqs using the same principle of squeezing the head as I jelq up. I do 100 rep sets. And do about 500 total. Sometimes I only make it about 300 reps if I do them slower. This is intense and you have to do it all on feel to get the pressure right. Rest in between sets is a must!


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                    BTW, this seems to be giving me length too. Yesterday the ruler measure BPEL-7.5". Though I know that is not permanent yet, but I'm a solid 7" now,and damn, I'm getting closer to my goal. Just look at my user name!