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Suffered from severe PE for long enough! Need to fix this!

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  • Suffered from severe PE for long enough! Need to fix this!

    Hi All,

    Bit of a backstory, I discovered porn at quite a young age and over the years conditioned myself to getting off faster and faster. When I look back, I notice how over time I would ejaculate quicker and quicker. It's got to the point now that when I'm fully aroused I can't last more than 10 or so seconds with either sex or masturbation. This has caused me significant anxiety and has seriously hampered my previous relationships - mainly as I was fearful to continue.

    Anyway, I have recently started seeing a girl who I am really getting on well with. I plan on being honest with her about my issue as I believe it will force me to be accountable and take action over my problems. I hope she understands, but if she doesn't it is something that I completely understand and will accept. Accountability is also the reason that I am posting here as it is finally me accepting that I have a severe problem that needs to be fixed, and to show that I am willing to do anything to get there.

    So what have I been doing? Recently I have started a routine of reverse kegels, hindi squats and edging. I should also note that I've quit porn and can safely say I have no desire to look at it.

    Edging for me has been a bit of a struggle. I can go from soft to the PONR in under a minute and once I am there I feel as though I get there straight away again after allowing it to subside. Essentially as soon as an erotic thought drifts in my head I can go from zero to 100 instantly. Whereas if I am sitting there and keeping my mind distracted I can generally keep going however only with an erection at 70% to 80%.

    I have been trying to hold a RK during my edging sessions, however at this early stage it hasn't been of much assistance and I am still having IK overpower it quite easily. I also notice that I clench my ass quite tightly during these sessions and even if I make a conscious effort to relax I find myself clenching again as soon as my mind drifts.

    Are these symptoms of an unbalanced pelvic floor? If so it would make me feel a lot less anxious about the whole thing as I know that through exercise and practice I can correct it.

    I would really love any feedback anyone could provide. I am so determined to fix this issue and have the sex life I've always wanted.

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    It does sound like your pelvic floor is tense.

    You seem on track welcome to the gym.