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  • Some questions for the experts on the forum

    Hi all,

    I would like to ask some questions that are certain to help more people besides me:

    1) The problem from the anxiety: In 90% of cases, I think it isn't wrong to say that those who suffer from premature ejaculation, it makes us insecure and anxiety to the point where 90% of your day to day, you spend thinking about the problem, checking if you are tensing your muscles, checking if you're holding your breath... That also helps to keep this anxiety and increase the fear of real sex.

    The question here is to know how a person who is following the treatment with the techniques around here, must mentally facie his day to day? Completly focus is correct on this? Its okay to do some "checkings" about your body periodically?

    2) Involuntary Kegels and our response to them: This question is about to finish confirming to what to do when these involuntary kegels appears when we are in our edging sessions. At some post wich can be read at this forums, they say that when an involuntary kegel or the feeling that is going to occur appears, one must do a RK to combat it.

    How this RK should be? Strong? Short? Maintained for several seconds?

    3) The frequency of practice:
    At the forum there are different trends in how often it is due to practice edging. First, we find as MinuteMan recommended method 3 days on 1 off (ejaculate on the third day and rest the fourth). Another trend is to practice every day, taking care not to over train the muscles of the pelvis. Finally we have the testimony of Drummer and JamesMonroe which say that until they stopped doing edging, kegels, etc.. they didn't overcome his premature ejaculation.

    What can we gather from all this?

    Thank you all for your time!!!!
    Sorry about my poor english, I'm on it!

    My Pre-E cure log:

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    2. Involuntary Kegel: For me quick back rk pushes works to lower the arousal. Just tighten your stomach and strike it on the pelvis like a hammer!
    The other day I tried deep breathing by pulling the stomach inward, and it worked great to lower the arousal.
    Use ginger powder or ginger tea! it reduces the contractions and over sensitivity of the nerves.

    3. Practice Frequency: If you are not doing PE exercises, you can do it daily.
    Other than edging, focus on squats, and other exercises of the muscles. After all many weight lifters get delayed ejaculation only through weight lifting.
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      Sorry about my poor english, I'm on it!

      My Pre-E cure log: