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    Thanks for good words!
    I really like your routine and hope you reach your aims soon. Tuck-and-sit stretches are something that I'm clearly gonna consider. Your no-porn attitude is a thing I can identify too. I'm still working on that, unfortunatelly sometimes fail, but PE helps me to stay away from it.
    Good luck on your goals.
    Starting (01/02/2021): MEG=12cm NBPEL=12.5cm BPEL=14.4cm
    Now (01/08/2021): MEG=11.8cm NBPEL=13.7cm BPEL=15.7cm
    Goal: MEG=14cm NBPEL=17cm


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      Thanks, voelkey. I'm grateful that PE has given me some awesome gains on my BPEL and I'm sure that with some experimentation and persistence, I can continue to gradually move the dial on my girth.

      It's an off-day today but I realize I haven't really summarized my current routine for a bit, so here it is:

      Core Routine (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

      • Warm up with rice sock 10 minutes
      • 3 set of the following:
        • Air pump 10 minutes @ 5-7hg
        • x100 jelq
        • Clamp and Kegel/RK 10 minutes

      • Warm down with rice sock 5 minutes

      Bathmate Routine (Every day)

      • Bathmate while showering/brushing teeth, one uninterrupted session, 20 minutes. I progressively increase the pump pressure as my dick expands during the session.
      • x100 jelq

      I wear a cock ring most of the time (including sleep), except when I'm doing the core routine or Bathmate. I use kojic acid lotion for PE to reduce discoloration and I apply aloe vera gel (with manuka honey and some other stuff in it) after. As previously noted, I'm taking a break from all stretching.

      My dick is definitely bigger than when I started this current routine, and it's definitely not just edema (which has fooled me before). An extra 1/8" to 1/4" after just a couple months of work would be amazing, however I'm not at all convinced that these gains are even the slightest bit cemented. That's always been the hard part for me.

      I think my goal is to keep my dick in this expanded state without stressing it. I've found that when I take a complete break from PE, my tunica tightens up within a day or two, which is why I'm so hesitant to have 100% off days. I want to prevent the shrinkage but allow the tissues to go into "repair" mode so they can grow. That's the logic behind my current approach.


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        I don't know what's going on here but after laying off the stretches for two days, my girth is noticeably improved. All my exercises are girth-oriented now.

        A quick post-PE measurement today put me at 7.75" BPEL, around 5.1" MSEG, and 5.75" BEG. I don't know why it's so easy to get girth right at the base but such a battle to gain MSEG. I've got the opposite of a baseball bat. Anyways, those are great post-PE measurements for me. I think I'll stick with what I'm doing.

        I've been thinking I might eventually gather the ingredients for something like kingpole's Erection Tea. I've also seen his post on the five G's. I already take several vitamins every day but these aren't included yet. I think it'd be a killer combo if I could increase the frequency/strength of spontaneous erections while also wearing the cock ring.


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          Morning wood has been weaker the last few days so I'm glad to be coming up on my two days "off". I should stop calling them "off" days, really; I don't have "off" days, just light exercise days. Anyways, I'll take it easy over the weekend so that I can come back fully charged on Monday.

          As I read threads like Incogneeetoe's log, I'm reminded of how far you level up your game with regards to both size and control. I'm really focused on hitting that 5.5" MSEG right now but pelvic floor balance, EQ, and ejaculation control are all on my mind as well.

          Have a good weekend, everybody.


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            I've only worn the cock ring while sleeping the last couple days. I apply some aloe gel and slip it on before bed, then take it off in the morning. Consequently, morning wood was back with a vengeance today. My takeaway is that (for me) wearing a cock ring 24/7 is exhausting for my dick. Too much. After a day or two, it just looks and feels exhausted.

            So I'll stick with nighttime use for the cock ring. I think there are potential upsides to using it after pumping, but even then I'd probably take it off after an hour. Pumping is a stressful event for my dick and it needs an unencumbered recovery period afterwards, at some point.

            I'm feeling pretty committed to remaining porn free for the foreseeable future. I think I quit about 7 weeks ago at this point. Yesterday I finally permanently deleted my porn collection and the login info for my go-to tube sites. I wasn't feeling very tempted to watch but I was still holding on to it. Last night I had a pretty enjoyable dream involving several women, sooo... I'll take that as positive feedback from my brain.

            This morning I also decided to set the air pump aside and add an extra set of jelqs instead. So that's x100 jelqs / 10 min clamp / x100 jelqs / 10 min clamp / x100 jelqs / 10 min clamp / x100 jelqs.


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              Nice work NumberSix. I love the idea of passive PE through wearing the cockring, especially at night. I'm not surprised to hear how much bigger it is in the morning when you do that. Definitely keep us updated on how that goes for you!
              Starting (2/1/21):
              BPEL: 6.25"
              MSEG: 4.5"
              BEG: 4.75" (5/1/21)

              Current (7/1/21)
              BPEL: 7.125" (+ 0.875")
              MSEG: 5.125" (+ 0.625")
              BEG: 4.9375"

              BPEL: 7.5"
              MSEG: 5.5"
              BEG: 5.5"


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                Thanks, BiggerDB. Yeah, nothing better than waking up with super wood.

                Alas, just as mysteriously as it appeared, my morning wood vanished today. EQ was also subpar during PE this morning. I happened to look at some older log entries and realized that as I've adjusted my routine, the volume of exercises has crept upward. So it seems like a good time to think about what I've tried over these last several weeks and evaluate what's worked best.

                Stretching: I started with lots of tuck-and-sits, stretches before my core routine and after the Bathmate. Honestly, I think I was stretching too much, too intensely. No noticeable gains or losses from all that, just wasted time. I took a break from all stretching for a few days and now I'm reintroducing some light stretches. I just want to stay loose.

                Jelqs: These were an afterthought in the beginning but now they've taken center stage. I think I get the most out of this exercise.

                Squeezes: I stopped doing these a little while back because I thought I was getting more from clamping and they seemed redundant. However, I tried a few today and I think I might bring them back. Clamping is more intense but squeezes offer more control over the process.

                Clamping: Clamping was and still is a big part of what I do. It's probably the most intense exercise... if my EQ is good.

                Pumping: I remain a big fan of the Bathmate. I tried reintroducing my Leluv air pump recently but I don't feel like it added much. 20 minutes of Bathmate per day is plenty of pumping for me so I'll just stick with that for now.

                Cock Ring: As previously noted, I love wearing it at night. 24/7 is too much for me. I'll probably wear it after the Bathmate once in a while.

                Kegels/RKs: I know my pelvic floor is super important but I still have a lot to learn. I feel like PF stuff is its own category of PE. I do these while I clamp, currently, but I feel like I should be giving more attention to this stuff.

                Other Stuff: Although I don't really focus on them as an exercise, I do like fire goat rolls, helicopters, or to just shake it all out in between other exercises. I'm still consistently doing a warm-up and warm-down.

                Sooo, I'm thinking my update routine will look like this:

                Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
                • Warm-up 5-10 minutes with rice sock
                • Directional stretches 5 minutes (1 minute each: up, down, right, left, straight out)
                • 3 sets:
                  • x100 jelqs
                  • Squeezes 5 minutes
                  • Clamping 5 minutes

                • Warm-down 5-10 minutes with rice sock

                • Bathmate 20 minutes while showering and brushing teeth
                • x100 jelqs
                • Wear cock ring while sleeping

                Still using the Kojic Acid lotion and I think it might actually be reducing the discoloration. Not conclusive yet. I also use the aloe gel after the Bathmate.

                Okay, lengthy post. That's it for now.


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                  Morning wood and EQ are back! After my last post, I cut my Bathmate session and subsequent jelqs in half (10 min + 50 jelqs). The following day (yesterday) was a light day. I guess that was all the rest I needed.

                  Good PE session this morning. I did the routine outlined in my last post and I think it really hit the sweet spot between too little and too much. I feel like I could do more, but that's a good place to leave it for now. After all, I've got a Bathmate session later today.

                  Most of the routine is familiar, however I'm using the squeezes to focus on the upper half of my shaft. As noted, my base is wider but the upper half is a good 1/2" narrower. I'm using two hands, one on the lower half, one just below the glans, to concentrate the squeeze on the portion of the shaft that needs it. I kegel some blood up into that area and squeeze. Sometimes I push my hands together a bit to increase the pressure or (carefully) bend the shaft a little in different directions.

                  Even on the days that my EQ has bee so-so, my overall energy level is good this week. I work out every weekday and although they're not intense workouts, between those and my PE sessions, I feel like I get a pretty good read on how my body is doing. Right now, it's in a good spot. I'm going to attribute that to 7-8 hours of sleep a night, not skipping meals (which I do when I'm trying to get too much done in a day), and drinking lots of water.

                  One final thought... I think I should eventually spend some time solely dedicated to edging so that I can really focus on controlling my state of arousal. Premature ejaculation is a thing for me; not always, but often enough to be a problem. And even when I can last a while, it's usually not as long as I'd like. Ultimately, I'd like to decide if/when to ejaculate. From the very basic work I've done strengthening my Kegels and RKs, I've become aware of how often I involuntarily Kegel (IK) and how much tension my body is holding in general. If I can control my IKs, release my tension, breath properly, and gain better awareness of my arousal overall, I think it'd be a game changer. The benefits would probably extend even beyond sex.


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                    Yesterday's PE left me feeling pretty worn out, although I had a bit of morning wood today. Glad I've got a couple weekend days to recover. I may shorten my Bathmate sessions.

                    I've finally got the 5 G's (green tea, ginger, ginkgo, ginseng, garlic) and I'm planning to begin experimenting with some erection tea, per Kingpole's thread. My EQ has been okay, but it could be much better. I'm definitely aware that I've probably been going through a bit of stimulation withdrawal after quitting porn a couple months ago. The "reboot" process can last through the better part of a year, I've heard. I'm just glad I didn't experience the "flat line" some people get where their libido drops to zero for a while.

                    I had the opportunity to try a little edging last night. I didn't ejaculate, however I frequently neared the PONR and it definitely showed me that I need to make progress in that area.


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                      The current routine seems good. When I reach a "rest" day, I usually feel like it's needed. When I return to my core routine, I usually feel rested and ready to go. Lately, I'm making my rest days more... restful. Instead of doing the Bathmate 20 minutes and jelqing x100, I'm just doing the Bathmate 10 minutes, no jelqing. It's always been easy to add to my routine and harder to subtract, but I think this will help with recovery and growth.

                      Full Routine:

                      Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
                      • Morning:
                        • Warm-up 5-10 minutes with rice sock
                        • Directional stretches 5 minutes (1 minute each: up, down, right, left, straight out)
                        • 3 sets:
                          • x100 jelqs
                          • Squeezes 5 minutes
                          • Clamping 5 minutes

                        • Warm-down 5-10 minutes with rice sock

                      • Afternoon:
                        • Bathmate 20 minutes
                        • x100 jelqs

                      • Night:
                        • Cock ring (roughly 11pm - 8am)

                      Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday:
                      • Afternoon:
                        • Bathmate 10 minutes

                      • Night:
                        • Cock ring (roughly 11pm - 8am)

                      In addition to the kojic acid lotion, I'm going to try this stuff with 2% hydroquinone to reduce the discoloration. Hopefully it doesn't melt my dick off.


                      Lastly, I made some tea yesterday with the following:

                      • 2 decaf green tea bags
                      • 1 10cc (0.34 fl oz) bottle of Prince of Peace brand Ginkgo Biloba & Red Panax Ginseng Extract
                      • 2 pills (600mg) of deodorized garlic extract (I emptied the pills into the tea)
                      • 1/2 tsp fenugreek powder
                      • 1/2 tsp ginger powder
                      • 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
                      • Splash of lemon juice
                      • Squirt of honey

                      Verdict? Weird and grainy. Drinkable, but I'm definitely going to make adjustments. First, I'll just take the garlic pills with my regular vitamins in the morning. Second, no turmeric. I'll try to cook with it but I'm keeping it out of the tea. I'll try again today and see if those changes make it more palatable.

                      UPDATE: Made some tea. Much better this time.

                      • 2 decaf green tea bags
                      • 1 10cc (0.34 fl oz) bottle of Prince of Peace brand Ginkgo Biloba & Red Panax Ginseng Extract
                      • 1/2+ tsp fenugreek powder
                      • 1/2+ tsp ginger powder

                      I was generous with the fenugreek and ginger. I tasted it before adding lemon or honey and decided it didn't need either.
                      Last edited by NumberSix; 05-24-2021, 02:59 PM. Reason: tea update


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                        Revised Tea:
                        • 2 decaf green tea bags
                        • 2 bottles Prince of Peace brand Ginkgo Biloba & Red Panax Ginseng Extract
                        • 1/2 tsp fenugreek powder
                        • 1 tsp ginger

                        It's still grainy as hell but it tastes pretty good.

                        My libido has been up and down over the last week or so. Feels like my brain is still rewiring after 2 months without porn. I was on Reddit yesterday and browsed through somebody's collection of computer wallpapers. There was some porn interspersed and seeing those pics, I felt like... meh. Not the dopamine rush I expected. I guess I thought that I'd be more tempted by porn than I am. On the flip side, I can understand why some people get to this point where libido is wavering (or for some, completely dead) and they rush back to porn in a desperate attempt to revive it.

                        It used to be that if I wanted a rock hard erection, I could always get it by watching porn. I never reached the point of porn-induced ED; kind of the opposite. Now I don't have that option and it's like learning how to walk again. I have faith that this is a necessary step on my path towards a bigger dick, better EQ, and overcoming Pre-E.

                        On a different note, the 2% hydroquinone stuff I've been trying seems fine so far. My dick hasn't melted off.Applying it to the shaft is fine, tingles a little, but if I get any on my balls... oh boy, it burns! I apply some lotion to my balls as a layer of protection first, and if possible, I what I can to keep my shaft away from my balls to avoid spreading the stuff.

                        What's promising is that after just a few days, a little bit of darker skin has peeled off kind of like a sunburn after it heals. It's not enough to really tell how much of an effect it's had, but it's a start.

                        I've tried to ignore the discoloration issue mostly, but I realize now that it's really been bothering me. I'm excited to see if this pays off.


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                          Better morning wood today, great EQ during my morning routine. As noted earlier, libido/EQ has been on/off. I just keep that in mind and when I've having an off day, I just do my best and know that these better days will come. Pretty much the same as my non-PE workouts. Some days I've got lots of energy, some days I don't.

                          The last couple times I've applied the 2% hydroquinone, it's gone from a tingling to burning, so it's time to take a break. I think it's done it's job by removing the darker top layer of skin, at least on some areas. But where it's done that, I now have more sensitive skin exposed which hurts when it's exposed to this stuff. So for now, no more.

                          Still drinking the tea. It's got kind of a kick with all that ginger. Kind of hard to tell what impact (if any) it's having but hey, today has been a good day so far.


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                            Best morning wood in a while. EQ is excellent today. During PE while clamping and kegeling, I was able to get several of those so-hard-it-hurts erections. I'd love to improve my EQ to the point where I can achieve those on my own. I used to get them naturally when my dick was smaller, probably because my tunica was a lot tighter and easier to max out.

                            I'm tempted to measure on a day like today but I've decided to set aside the ruler and measuring tape for a bit. When I measure, I tend to feel good or bad based on the measurement. It usually just reminds me that I've got a long way to go, even if it's a good measurement for where I'm at. A quick measure of girth using my thumb and index finger is all I need most days. Between that and my EQ/MW, I can kind of tell how things are going. I'll do a formal measurement again at some point, of course, but probably not for a while.

                            The important thing is that my cock feels healthy and my EQ is good enough that I'm pushing up against my limits during the routine. It feels like it's in a state that is conducive to growth.

                            When I first started PE years ago, I had a very simplistic concept of how it should work. Basically I figured that I just had to stretch, jelq and pump the hell out of my dick until I was bigger and eventually if I did that hard/long enough, it would stay that size. Pumping in particular is one hellofa drug. It fooled me into thinking I was making real gains but really I was just temporarily stretching things out, swelling with edema, and my EQ was horrible.

                            Since then, I've learned (among other things) the value of manual exercises; there are no shortcuts. I've also learned that EQ is great for growth. It's the gift that keeps on giving. A good EQ multiplies the efficacy of my PE routines. A good EQ (especially with a strong libido) gives me more erections, and erections are like passive PE exercises. When I have a good EQ, I often wake up with amazing morning wood, especially when I wear a cock ring. It's a fantastic way to start the day.


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                              Is it the tea? I don't know, but the MW and EQ have remained above average (well, above my average at least). I can tell my erections aren't 100% maxed out, so still room for improvement.

                              No big adjustments to the routine. I tried a bit of pelvic floor yoga yesterday. I'm in okay shape but yoga is humbling for me. I'm not the most flexible or coordinated person but it's good to expand my comfort zone and yoga is one of those things I've wanted to do for a while.

                              I think the last round of the 2% hydroquinone really did lighten my skin a bit. I'm thinking I'll wait a full week and then try another application of it.

                              Happy Memorial Day, folks.


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                                Still doing the following routine M, Tu, Th, F:
                                • Morning:
                                  • 5-10 minute warmup with rice sock
                                  • 5 minutes of stretches (a mix of directional, crank, a-stretch)
                                  • 3 sets of the following:
                                    • x100 jelqs
                                    • squeezes (5 min)
                                    • clamping with Kegels/RKs (5 min)

                                  • 5-10 minute warmdown with rice sock

                                • Afternoon:
                                  • 20 minute Bathmate session
                                  • x100 jelqs

                                Helicopters between most exercises. Every night I also wear a cock ring while I sleep. On "off" days, I use the Bathmate for 10 minutes, no other exercises. I drink my version of erection tea daily. I also try to do Kegels/RKs whenever I'm driving or otherwise idle and think of it.

                                I got myself a 8"x12" hanging mirror that I can position at seat level when I'm doing my PE routine. Call me weird, but I like seeing my dick while I'm doing exercises, particularly when it's at its max size. I find it motivating to look down and see the extra volume.

                                I also found a digital timer that I can use to time my exercises. I find it easier than using my computer or phone.

                                My morning routine takes a good 1.5 hours because I take a minute or two between each exercise. It's a lot of time but I enjoy it. If I had even more time each day, I'd do some ballooning and/or edging.