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The animal in man progress thread.

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  • The animal in man progress thread.

    SO I compare myself alot to an animal. simply because my week looks something like this
    Monday: workout back + biceps 2 hours > PE session > shower/warm down
    Tuesday : workout legs + abs 2 hours > PE session > shower/warm down
    Wednesday : Chest + triceps 2 hours > GET A GOOD SLEEP!
    Thursday : PE madness!!!! + shower
    Friday :Shoulders > Light pe session
    Saturday: Party like an animal would.
    Sunday. relax. show some ladies my pe gains if u guys know what i mean.... or a light pe session/ cardio?
    Not all that crazy but its the life i live. My personality in real life would explain it.
    Now for a Pe routine:
    10-11 minutes warm up with a rice sock.
    25 kegels each direction plus 25 helicopters inbetween directions

    4 sets of Tunica tugs. as explained in a girth guide.
    O bends!
    25 reps of Side jelqs
    20 wet v jelqs
    20 wet v jelqs downwards(for lenght i hear)
    50 full erect kegels
    10-15 minutes of edging. at least once a week i try to edge without an explosive ejaculation...
    Warm down/ shower for 10 -15 mins

    I have been peing for about 4 months now? First few months months i did JPs 90 day program and i started this a week ago.
    So far my gains look like:
    6.25 BPEL
    4.9 EG
    7.00 bpel
    5.1 EG
    7.75 bpel
    6.0 EG

    I need to work on girth as length is coming very easily so far. feel free to comment. pics soon.


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    So ive got a date with a hottie next sunday... I need to work on girth and not premature ejacs heavy this week.
    My added exercises to do this:
    Bundled streches + reverse kegels while edging. wish me luck!


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      Great gains so far mate well done workout looks good too. The way you set out your weeks are exactly how i INTEND to have mine! Good balance between the fitness animal and the party animal.


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        you should change up your workout routine.

        google layne's norton's routine. i made my best gains on it.


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          thanks shordy, noted that and changed up my routine!
          Last night with the hottie :
          I lasted like 7 minutes first round...:\
          Woke up a few hours later and went none stop didnt even cum once.
          Girth gains are slow but i think i can feel them slightly...


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            Things are going rather well...buddy hired some escorts and i somehow sweet talked them into giving me free(protected) sex. I concentrated heavily on not cumming and i didnt even bust Maybe its because they were really loose also but it was a great substitue to edging on my off day.
            Other than that little snippet.. im working in a JP's routine every week for a lil extra length.(since thats the only routine ive even gained anything with so far...) but im still giving the girth routine a try for another month or so.


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              Mini update:
              7.1 bpel
              upwards curve = 6.45 nbpel
              5 - 5.1 meg

              11 minutes rice sock. strech in all directions for 25 reps + 25 helis
              Alternate: O bends / Flaccid Bends 4 sets
              bundled streches
              25 outward jelqs, 25 v jelqs 25 side jelqs.
              3-4 sets Horse squeezes.
              Alternate: balooning / edging

              What you guys think? Feedback allways appreciated


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                Well you seem to be happy so go for it!
                The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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                  7.2 Bpel
                  5.2 eg!
                  My eq is going waaaaaay up there now tooo!
                  In reality i think my starting size was 6.5 BPEL but i didnt know how to measure properly at the time. The boost to 7 was noobie gains and this .2 on the ruler is from this jelqing/squuezes/strech routine im currently doing.
                  Edit: during horse squeezes and/or ulis my girth feels upward of 5.5... any way to possibly use this safely in a sexual scenario? such as squeeze my base when a girl is about to orgasm to increase her feeling of fullness?
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