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  • NOgfNOproblems training log.

    Hello, im new and inexpierenced pegym member.
    I have created this log with purpose to follow my own training progress and see what works and what doesnt work, spot mistakes, be consistent with increasing intensity/load overtime. I would like to hear your opinions, tips.
    Everyday i'll try to be better than yesterday.

    Beginner's stats:
    BPEL: 7.5" x 4.8"
    BPESL: 7.9"
    Flaccid is unknown, it's not consistent at all...

    Enjoy my journey improving myself and finaly quit fap

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    Excellent !
    Valued Member of 11 years at the PEGym
    Looks are deceiving, mirrors don't lie.


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      First day and first overbaked pancake

      20seconds helicopter shakes, both directions
      30seconds each sretches up,down, left, right,behind cheeks
      20 Jelqs and kegels for warm up
      1.25kg hanging weight in silicione sleeve for 1 hour.
      5min jelq to warm up my cold d. After weight training
      2.5kg hanging in silicone sleeve for 30min.
      1hour rest to restore blood circulation and to reduce foreskin's water retention.
      Will finish with 2hours extender .
      5min kegels, 5 sec hold, 5sec off

      After hanging 2.5kg, i noticed some water retention in my foreskin, it looked overstretched and very similar form as cobra's head. Will see if it got reduced after extender.
      While hanging, i had been doing wide stance sumo squats like 1000reps, horse stance and some exercises for abs. Thats it for first day

      edit: water retention has almost gone after extending.
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        Hi, don't be like me. Starting with too much volume and your penis will grow much slower. Very successful guys have usually started with low volume and intensity and we're increasing slowly over time.
        01.Dec13 BPEL 6.22 MEG 5.1
        15.Feb14 BPEL 6.80 MEG 5.15 (stopped PE)
        20.Aug18 BPEL 6.70 MEG 5.24 (restart)
        20.Nov18 BPEL 6.97 MEG 5.4
        06.Mar19 BPEL 7.05 MEG 5.43
        18.Jan21 BPEL 7.13 MEG 5.43
        My progress log


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          Originally posted by petrpan View Post
          Starting with too much volume and your penis will grow much slower.
          Hi, if you were a beginner again, how much weight and what duration you would be hanging, extending? What were your "noob" gains after the first month vs the last month?


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            30seconds helicopter shakes
            20second stretches all directions.
            jelqing for 5mins.
            5kg hanging for 5min
            2.5kg hanging for 45min
            1 hour extender

            Woke up with semi hard, felt abit fuller than usual. Wont measure until new year. xD also i have ordered a pump. Didnt fap for 2 days
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              Slow jelqing with holds 5sec - 5min
              30sec helicopter shakes
              20sec stretches to all directions,
              2.5kg hanging for 1h 15min while doing freeweight wide stance squats. I had to put some tape on silicone sleeve and vacuum cup. Seems like squat puts some extra forces and stretch motions on hanger by rotating pelvis at the top and bottom.
              1 hour extender, I wanted to extend more, but was too busy day.
              4 hour extender while sleeping
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                4th day
                100 circles helicopter shakes
                20sec stretches to all directions,
                2.5kg weight hanging for 2 hours

                5th day

                6th day
                2.5kg hang 10min
                Air pump @ 100mmhg 10min
                100 circles elicopter shakes
                20sec stretches to all directions
                2.5kg hang 1 hour
                Air pump @ 100mmhg 10min
                2hours extender
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